‘Semi-Charmed’ kind of Wednesday

While most students at the College couldn’t tell you the last time they were conscious at 7 a.m., hundreds of them made an exception last Wednesday as they lined up in droves to purchase tickets for College Union Board’s (CUB) upcoming Third Eye Blind concert.

By the time tickets officially went on sale at 10 a.m., a serpentine line extended throughout Brower Student Center, wrapping its way around the fraternity and sorority “cubes,” past Fair Grounds and down the ramp leading to the Food Court. The massive line swelled until around 11:30. By then 600 students had pocketed tickets.

According to Alex Mazella, CUB executive director, the ’90s alt-rockers that brought us elementary school hits “Semi-Charmed Life” and “Jumper” smashed previous CUB box office records. The 950 tickets sold Wednesday were the most sold for any CUB event in the past five years.

As of press time, CUB sold about 1,150 tickets, nearly half of the 2,500 available.

Mazella attributed the Wednesday morning rush to the fact that some students didn’t know the concert was general admission only.

“The first two (students) to buy tickets were like ‘this is what it’s all about, number one and number two,'” Mazella said, noting that it wouldn’t affect where they would sit.

At the opposite end of the line, Rich DeFrancisco, sophomore computer science major, wasn’t in any rush to get his ticket.

“They only sell two tickets per student. Sure, the people up front are guaranteed to get tickets but we have just as much chance,” DeFrancisco said.

Despite the indifference of those at the back end in the far reaches of the student center, Amber Cox, junior business management major and owner of ticket number 100, had no problem getting up early.

“I’ve been here since 8:30, waiting over there on the benches. We got our tickets at 10:20, just like I said we would,” Cox said.

At least one student became too excited. A male, identified as a College alumnus, was removed from the student center for disorderly conduct after harassing several student center employees near the line. He also placed a chair at the front of the line and held a “contest” for the first ticket to the show.