Obama aims for ‘A More Perfect Union’

This past week in politics can only be characterized as controversial for Sen. Barack Obama. When video surfaced of Obama’s life-long spiritual leader, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, ranting against the United States, white racism and a host of other things, the political scene instantly exploded.

Nonstop coverage of anything and everything related to this story dominated every media outlet, and yes, it comes as no surprise that Rush Limbaugh couldn’t shut his mouth.

So many people were quick to jump on the “Obama-must-believe-everything-spoken-by-Wright” train that it appeared as if Obama’s campaign would sink under the weight.

I will be the first one to admit that this story came out of left field and caught me by complete surprise, leaving me slightly confused.

But then I, along with countless others who have supported Obama throughout his campaign, came to my senses and understood that this was not at all what it seemed.

How could a man who has spoken so eloquently and so passionately about this country and the future he envisions for it harbor the same anger and animosity displayed in the recorded sermons given by Wright? Logic simply does not connect these two together.

This was one of those moments that would either make or break a campaign, and in true Obama fashion, he seized the opportunity that had arisen and proved my logic to be correct. On Tuesday, March 18, at the Constitution Center in Philadelphia, Obama delivered what I believe to be one of the finest and most defining speeches in the history of this country.

As I sat in my dormitory listening intently to his words, any confusion still left in my mind was quickly and permanently erased.

With great poise, confidence and a voice reminiscent of history’s great orators, Obama flawlessly laid out the reasoning behind his relationship with the Rev. Wright, and the true status of race relations in this country.

After he concluded his 37-minute address, one thought ran through my head: “This man must become the 44th President of the United States.” Obama, at a time when his presidential bid was hanging in the balance, shot down every rational criticism thrown at him.

There’s a great saying that goes something like, “If a person gets knocked down, it’s how they get back up that shows their true self.”

If this statement is correct, then Obama leaped to his feet and illustrated to America, once again, that he is more than ready to become the next president of this great country.

There are, however, those who are now hesitant to vote for Obama in the upcoming primaries and in the general election if he is the nominee.

Whether this hesitance comes from not being completely informed of recent events, lasting cynicism or even from past experience with hypocritical and corrupt politicians, I say to those people: Watch his speech.

It will only take 37 minutes of your time, which is not too high a price to pay for the future of our country. “A More Perfect Union,” the name given to this speech, is the goal of our society, and society can pursue that perfection under Obama’s guidance and leadership.