Third Eye Blind rhetoric goes too far

In our Feb. 27 editorial, we pointed out that College Union Board’s (CUB) Third Eye Blind concert is scheduled for the same night as the start of Passover. We suggested in

that editorial that the event could have been planned for a more convenient night.

We never expected the response we got on our Web site. As of press time, there are 19 comments on the story. Commenters included people who defended and were angry about the concert’s scheduling, as well as parents who weighed in. The argument rages back and forth on our Web site, a situation we’re now taking the time to respond to.

When we wrote that original editorial, we never expected such an impassioned response. From our perspective, we do think the concert could have been scheduled better by CUB and are glad people want to respond.

However, comments like “Sorry Jews, Third Eye Blind rocks, you’ll just have to deal with it,” miss the point of the argument.

Several commenters ended up attacking one another instead of discussing the issue at hand. Some people questioned Jewish students’ faith for even considering attending the concert instead of observing a major holiday.

Jewish students shouldn’t have to choose between attending a concert planned months in advance and their religion. While CUB did have very few options in terms of scheduling the concert due to the limited number of dates both the band and the Student Recreation Center were available, surely it has more leeway than the Jewish religion.