Senior class council remakes old tradition

In our Feb. 13 edition, I wrote an editorial expressing my disbelief that Senior Week would actually happen this year.

But Senior Week is back thanks to the senior class council. It got more than 300 seniors signed up to participate and a host of new events. Moreover, the senior class council accomplished this with the alcohol policy that damned last year’s Senior Week still looming over them.

I have to admit that I was surprised when I heard the news. As a junior, I remember being a freshman and hearing stories about drunken escapades inside The Towers during Senior Week. I assumed throughout my College career that that was the primary appeal of the event.

So congrats to the senior class council. I remain as surprised as when I first heard the news, but that doesn’t change the reality of Senior Week’s revitalization.

As is said in the article regarding the event on the front page of this week’s Signal, if the senior class council hadn’t found a way to revive the event this year, it may have disappeared for a long, long time. No Senior Week this year would have been an even more stark condemnation of the new alcohol policy than was last year’s flat out cancellation. It’s possible that this year’s senior class council rescued Senior Week from a sober banishment from College tradition.

After waiting almost two years, we can finally say with conviction that Senior Week is indeed on.