More than 300 Senior Week tickets sold

When an unexpected 322 students signed up, the senior class council officially declared the return of Senior Week.

Nicole Kasian, senior class secretary, said the 322 met the number of students the class council anticipated signing up.

“We are so happy and proud of our senior class,” she said. “Our senior class came through and together we were all able to bring back Senior Week.”

Kasian said she thinks students realized that if Senior Week was canceled again this year, it might be canceled for the next several years.

“If it did not succeed this year, there was a very strong chance it could be lost for a long time,” she said. “I think our senior class recognized that a chapter of their lives was coming to a close and they wanted to share their last few days as undergrads together.”

Last year, not enough seniors bought tickets for the event because of a change in the alcohol policy, causing Senior Week to be canceled.

The alcohol policy this year is the same as last year’s; no alcohol will be allowed in the towers. However, the council tried to change everything else, creating new Senior Week traditions.

Kasian said seniors who have signed up have offered positive feedback and seem excited about the week.

“We have an amazing class,” she said. “Each event seems to bring different levels of excitement to different people. We are really excited about the week.”

Senior Week will include a Senior Gala, trips to Great Adventure and KatManDu, a Lakeside picnic and a toast in the Science Complex led by College President R. Barbara Gitenstein.

The council recently announced that the mystery speaker at the event will be Henry Winkler.

Kasian said students seem excited about Winkler’s speech.

“He was on ‘Oprah’ not that long ago, and he just seems like a really funny, nice and intelligent man,” she said. “I’m looking forward to hearing what he has to say to us.”