BSU wraps up funding for ‘Eye Candy’

The Student Finance Board (SFB) during its March 6 meeting awarded $28,271 to the Black Student Union (BSU) to fund the “Spring 2008 Fashion Show: Eye Candy.”

BSU originally requested $23,550, but was granted the extra funding after SFB reviewed the ticket policy for the event.

The fashion show will include an after-party in Brower Student Center and a concert before the show featuring R&B artist J. Holiday.

Initially, SFB members felt wary of the steep price for the chosen musical entertainment, arguing that it wouldn’t increase attendance to the function.

“I don’t think the performer is necessary,” Matthew McCann, senior representative, said.

Other members disagreed.

“We have almost $80,000 for events for the campus, and I don’t see why we should turn down performances,” Bill Fenimore, administrative director, said.

SFB executive director Leonardo Acevedo agreed, saying, “There aren’t many big ticket events coming up for the rest of the semester. I think you guys are looking at it in terms of what it brings to the event, while we’re looking at what it can bring to the campus.”

SFB decided to reduce funding for a DJ at the after-party by $300, but supply $5,000 to build up its box office funds. Tickets are to cost $10 for students and $15 for non-students.

Other funding that BSU was awarded will go toward publicity and payments for the makeup artists and fashion designers, among other things.

The fashion show is scheduled for April 12 in Kendall Hall.

SFB awarded full funding, $2,684, to Chabad for a Purim Party to celebrate the Jewish holiday. The money would be used for a dairy-based meal, cutlery and entertainment by the Drum Café.

Initial concern was brought up over the $1,500 requested for entertainment and $250 for decorations and props, but after discussion SFB decided to fund the project.

“I feel like it tells the story of the holiday, so (props) are important,” Maya Wadya, assistant financial director, said.

The Purim Party will take place March 20 in the student center, room 202W.

The Asian American Association (AAA) was awarded $1,724 to fund its Multicultural Buffet to be held in the student center main atrium on March 26. The event is aimed at allowing students the opportunity to taste Asian cuisine and engage with friends in a comfortable setting.

AAA originally requested $2,614 for the buffet, but SFB deducted $890 for what it deemed as unnecessary costs, including $290 of a requested $300 for henna tattoos.

“I think they want to get paid for an hour of henna tattooing,” Mike Stolar, SFB operations director, said. “It’s just another $2,500 free food event.”

SFB also deducted $600 from the requested amount, insisting that a ticket price be established.

Barkada was unianimously awarded $250 for its conference at the University of Maryland.