’90s night ‘BeDazzles’ the College

On Saturday students gathered in Brower Student Center for a night chock-full of childhood nostalgia at “I Grew Up in the ’90s,” sponsored by College Union Board (CUB).

In brainstorming for a theme that would attract students, CUB members looked to Allie Binaco, the event’s head coordinator, for ideas.

“When I applied to be in CUB, I thought it would be fun, because I grew up in the ’90s,” Binaco said. “I just thought of things I liked to do when I was young. It’s corny, but fun.”

Walking in, one was greeted with familiar sounds: the songs of the ’90s. Bush’s “Machinehead,” Eurythmics’s “Sweet Dreams” and more boy-band hits than one could dream of were blasted through the speakers by a live DJ. Students took part in a Skip-It tournament to the beat of the music.

Alex Bachert, freshman English major, especially favored the piles of hula hoops scattered on the floor. “I was in the mood to groove!” she said.

Along with the music and dancing, there were plenty of games for the students to participate in, all of which were oversized.

A jumbo “Operation” game, as well as “Connect Four,” were two of the more popular attractions. Students also gathered around games of giant “Pick-Up Sticks “and “Jacks.” Many students challenged each other to rounds of oversized chess and checkers.

Other popular games included “Twister,” and students also competed with each other in inflatable boxing and bungee runs.

When they won, they were given a ticket for the raffle. Prizes in the raffle included nostalgic ’90s items like as a boxed set of “Full House” DVDs and collectors’ edition “Simpsons” episodes, along with pricier items like a flat-screen TV, iPods and a hi-fi music system.

Many students gathered in one of the rooms upstairs to “BeDazzle” their clothing and tote bags with rhinestones, while others played retro video games on projector screens in a larger room.

A fortune teller was featured in another room, along with a henna tattoo artist. Re-runs of episodes from popular ’90s TV shows like “Boy Meets World” and “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” were also a hit.

“The whole event is very versatile,” Katie Walsh, sophomore education and women’s and gender studies major, said. “It’s fun for all ages and the whole stud is filled up with all the activities.”

Craftier students also had many activities to choose from. Aside from the “BeDazzler,” a table was dedicated to make-your-own Gak.

Students made wax hands and airbrushed their T-shirts. There was also a caricaturist and airbrush tattoo artist.

As in any successful event, there was an abundance of food and snacks circulating the floor. CUB members, dressed appropriately in overalls, passed out Ring Pops and Fruit Roll-Ups to sugar-craving students. Baristas mixed up strawberry daiquiri and piña colada smoothies.

“These are awesome,” freshman education major Katie Brideau said. “They’re free and come fully equipped with neon swirly straws.”

Students seemed appreciative of all the hard work, thought and energy put into the event by CUB members.