Latin Awareness Celebration Month awarded funding

At its meeting last Wednesday, the Student Finance Board (SFB) unanimously awarded Unión Latina full funding of $3,200.50 for “Latin Awareness Celebration Month.” For the month of April, Unión Latina will be hosting events that will highlight various aspects of Latin culture and customs.

The bulk of awarded funds are to be used to put together Unión Latina’s “Gala.” It will spend $1,600 on a DJ and three dance groups and $800 will pay for the food. The rest of the funding is to pay for decorations and publicity.

SFB awarded no funding to the Italian Club for its “Saturday in NYC.”

The club requested $1,214.30 for a trip into New York City. The money would have been used to rent a bus and see a movie, which would have been shown on the ride there. Once in the city, Italian Club would have had lunch at Da Rosina Italian Restaurant, which club members would have paid for themselves.

“It feels like we’re just paying for people to go to New York,” Jim Gallagher, equipment center manager, said.

SFB argued that if it was going to see an Italian show, instead of just having lunch, the circumstances would have been different. Since they were only going to eat and walk around in the city, the trip was not justified.

“You can go to a good Italian restaurant around here,” Jennifer Mosesku, SFB representative at-Large, said.

As it had the week before, SFB held a shorter meeting so it could continue with its budget clinic.

SFB, which prior to the meeting had a total balance of $32,043.65, allocated a total of $3,200.50.