May 31, 2020

A few students mar Carlton concert

Last week the College played host to noted pop star Vanessa Carlton and opening act Joe Wilson. College students were lucky enough to be charged only $5 to see the talented performers put on a great show in Kendall Hall, a fraction of what Carlton fans normally pay to see her.

The College Union Board (CUB) deserves praise for putting together such a successful event. They overcame an unforseen case of bronchitis that derailed the event when it was originally scheduled, as well as a nasty winter storm the night before the event actually took place.

CUB members staffed the event and even provided hot chocolate to chilly concert-goers before the show. Unfortunately, a few of the students in attendance didn’t play the part of gracious host as well as CUB did.

As opener Joe Wilson played his set, a number of obnoxiously boisterous attendees continuously screamed for Carlton. And even when Carlton played, the same group of people proceeded with their screaming, calling for Carlton to play her hit “1,000 Miles.”

Students wonder why we don’t get the performers we want here.

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