LETTERS: Sweta’s advice falls short

e to highlight some points Sweta missed in her response to NV Sucks about her concerns regarding her jealous boyfriend.

Not to spoil her “Dante’s Inferno” analogy or her zoology lesson, but there are a few points that need to be addressed in her response.

First, the point she was trying to get across with her tangent about the animal kingdom was very unclear and it also sounded unrelated to the general topic. It seemed as though she was justifying the boyfriend’s behavior.

Like she said, in the animal world, species try to “mark their territory” by mere instinct to survive. However, in our world there is more than just survival and actions are not executed by instinct.

Is she suggesting that the boyfriend should slay every male that is a possible threat to his kingship and ownership over NV Sucks?

Hopefully not! Men and women shouldn’t view each other as possessions in a relationship. The minute one person feels he or she owns the other, an unhealthy relationship has formed.

What NV Sucks wrote in her letter signifies that the relationship has escalated to an unhealthy point already. The fact that he acts angry for the rest of the day when she refuses to change her clothing needs to be addressed seriously.

This jealousy issue shouldn’t be merely about her keeping her sanity and everybody living happily ever after.

She has already let him violate her limits and in response, he gets angry.

Who knows what he is capable of doing when he catches her talking to other guys? Not to mention the possibility of physical and verbal abuse resulting from it.

If he loves her the way she is, he shouldn’t be setting up specific standards for her to follow.

He should try to work through possible differences in expectations, needs or opinions between them.

They both have the responsibility to be considerate, but not submissive or hostile. Obviously, the best thing she can do is not just talk to him because she has already tried that.

It is time for them to seek help and that is the best thing NV Sucks can do.

-College Peer Educators