Globalpalooza 2008 gets funding

The Student Finance Board (SFB) unanimously awarded $6,824 to the College Union Board (CUB) to fund “Globalpalooza 2008.” Although CUB requested $9,537.75, SFB subtracted items it felt weren’t necessary for the event.

CUB wanted funding for activities such as a mime, bagpipes and an African choral and percussion ensemble. However, SFB felt that since there are so many student organizations participating there isn’t a need to fund outside entertainment.

“Seems like a big expense that’s not needed,” Mike Stolar, SFB operations director, said.

Globalpalooza will be a large multicultural festival with an aim to raise awareness of different cultures at the College. The event will include 30 student organizations and limited outside entertainment.

SFB subtracted costs including $300 for a mime, $1,500 for an African ensemble, $489 for publicity and $415 for tote bags. The allotted funding will be used for activities, a DJ, flags, food and decorations.

“Last year we flew into this blind, but if last year’s attendance is any indication then it should be a great show,” Joe Stathius, CUB event coordinator, said.

CUB estimated more than 500 students showed up last year.

Globalpalooza is scheduled for April 13 in Brower Student Center and should last from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

SFB unanimously awarded full funding of $5,738.50 to the Asian American Association (AAA) for “Mystique 2008.” The annual show will display cultural and modern traditions of various Asian countries. Prominent acts will include dances, martial arts and a fashion show.

Funding will be used for brochures, tickets, decorations, publicity and costumes and props. AAA will be charging $4 per ticket.

This event is scheduled for April 5 and 6 in Kendall Hall.

The National Association of Black Accountants (NABA) received unanimous funding of $1,584 for guest speaker Greg Olsen. NABA had asked for $1,654, but SFB reduced the publicity to a half-page ad in The Signal, subtracting $70. Olsen’s fee was $1,500. The remaining funding will be used for photocopies to publicize the event.

NABA’s Spring Forum will showcase Olsen, an entrepreneur worth millions of dollars and the third private citizen to orbit the Earth in Space Lab. He will come to the College and share his stories in hopes of inspiring students to “reach for the stars.”

The Spring Forum is scheduled for March 26 in the New Library Auditorium.

The Student Government Association (SGA) was denied funding for its “Diversity Fashion Show” event. SGA requested $1,200 for a DJ, fashion designers, a make-up artist and publicity.

Stolar argued, “It fulfills the same purpose as the Black Student Union (BSU) fashion show.”

BSU’s fashion show is an annual, popular event on campus.

SFB believed SGA wasn’t fully behind this event, which was presented by a single non-SGA member.

The National Council of Negro Women requested $1,045.65 for a “National Great Blacks In Wax Museum” trip. SFB awarded $996, reducing a 15 percent driver gratuity to 10 percent.

The museum, located in Baltimore, Md., will promote interest in African-American history.

The trip is scheduled for Feb. 23 and will last the entire day.

SFB, which prior to the meeting had a total balance of $44,769.27, allocated a total of $15,142.50.