Ways to beat the blues on Valentine’s Day

Dear Sweta,

It sucks being single on Valentine’s Day. I’m sick of watching all the stupid romantic movies with a group of other single friends and sighing about not having a boyfriend. Please help.

We Say V-Day is Stupid

Dear We Say V-Day is Stupid,

All I ever hear is people complaining about how Valentine’s Day is just another corporate holiday created so card and candy companies can make money. Even on the College’s campus, there are events about how dumb Valentine’s Day is.

Well I’ve got news for everyone: Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you should buy into the “sit around and mope” mentality on Valentine’s Day. So, for your benefit, I have created a list of great things to do on Valentine’s Day for singles.

1. Go to a party.

OK, so you’re thinking, “Why would I go to a party on Valentine’s Day without a date?” There are lots of guys and girls out there who go to parties datelessly on Valentine’s Day and actually find someone new and cool to hang out with, maybe even someone to spend their next Valentine’s Day with.

2. Give friends Valentine’s Day presents.

Valentine’s Day is not just about romantic love. A lot of times people give gifts to their friends and family on Valentine’s Day to show how much they care.

Don’t you remember in third grade when you gave a valentine to everyone in your class, even that goofy, gross kid? It’s the same principle, except this time you get to choose who to shower with your love and praise.

3. Finally tell that special someone you care.

Everyone is thinking, “This is college. If he or she liked me, we would already be going out.” Wrong!

There are tons of shy people around campus who probably think you’ve got a great personality and are really sexy but they just don’t have the guts to tell you to your face.

If you’re one of these shy people, write a sweet little valentine and slip it under his or her door. It’s the perfect opportunity to get where you want to be and since it’s Valentine’s Day, the note won’t be considered immature. It’ll be considered cute.

4. Go to dinner with old friends.

Believe it or not, getting dressed up and hanging out with people you really like to talk to can take those Valentine’s Day doldrums straight to the trash can, where they belong.

If you haven’t seen these friends for a while, it’s a great way to reconnect and you’ll be so excited about seeing them that it won’t matter what day it is.

5. Go shopping.

What’s the best way to get yourself in a great mood? Buy yourself a nice Valentine’s Day present! You’ll feel better and you’ll have some cool new stuff. It’s a win-win situation!

I hope these few tips have helped to make you realize Valentine’s Day is not such a horrible day after all, and it could really be fun if you take advantage of it.

For you singles out there who sit around moping and watching bad romance movies, it’s time to change the tradition. You never know, you might find someone really great to spend your time with if you just put yourself out there.