Getting back in the swing of things

The men’s and women’s tennis teams went out with a bang last season, ranking No. 25 in the country for the men and No. 17 for the women. Both teams began to prepare a few weeks ago for their first matches next weekend against the University of Delaware, a Division I team.

Both sides are bringing back a solid core group from last season.

The women’s team was faced with overcoming a few injuries and illnesses that it is now getting over, although they have not been anything major. The team has been conditioning and practicing diligently to achieve another successful season.

Amanda Berg, a talented freshman, will be returning along with senior Christina Contrafatto and sophomore Jackie Shtemberg. Contrafatto and Shtemberg travelled to the International Tennis Association Nationals in Alabama last season along with men’s team star Mike Klimchak.

“(The women’s team is) going into this season very optimistic,” head coach Scott Dicheck said.

Dicheck expects a lot from his team this year and his first goal is “to make it back into the NCAA tournament, and once we’re in, advance as far as we can.”

Dicheck believes his players will be tested a lot throughout the season and that these challenges will only help them once the postseason begins.

The team is well equipped with “good senior leadership to keep spirits up,” Dicheck said. He placed responsibility on his three senior captains – Klimchak, Eric Ferriere and Roger Mosteller – to help the younger players stay positive and focused.

He said last year’s experiences have strengthened the team to a great extent and, just like last year, “the key is to get into the tournament.”

Dicheck and his players are ready to achieve another successful season. They are confident their hard work and preparation will lead them to success.