Timeline of events leading to budgetary freeze

The timeline of events which follows was compiled based on information from both Karl de Vries, Editor-in-Chief of The Montclarion, and Ron Chicken, executive president of the Student Government Association (SGA).

Aug. 30: Chicken and Andrea Khan, SGA executive vice president, meet with de Vries, Shana Jacobs, Montclarion news editor, and Sal Anderton, then-attorney of the Montclarion. At the meeting, the newspaper?s staff members discuss their intentions to make SGA subject to state sunshine laws that require it to keep its meetings open to the public.

October: Chicken is advised by the SGA attorney that sunshine laws “did not apply to SGA.”

Nov. 14: SGA holds a closed session to name members of its judicial panel. When the meeting is re-opened to the public, de Vries says SGA is in violation of the sunshine laws by closing the meeting.

Nov. 15: SGA sends a letter to Anderton?s offi ce dismissing him. The letter is mistakenly sent to the wrong address.

Nov. 29: The Montclarion?s front page story details action taken by SGA?s executive board, including Chicken, in shuting down WMSC radio. The newspaper also includes a “strongly worded” editoral admonishing Chicken, according to de Vries.

Nov. 30: Chicken calls Anderton and lets him know his service is terminated.

Dec. 6: The Montclarion?s front page story details SGA?s dismissal of Anderton.

Dec. 10: Chicken gives the newspaper written clarifi cation for why Anderton was fired.

Dec. 12: De Vries sends Chicken a letter requesting legal counsel from SGA?s attorney.

Dec. 13: Chicken sends de Vries a letter detailing three prior meetings between the two in which SGA requested that all correspondences between the newspaper and for de Vries to turn over the correspondences.

Jan. 22: The newspaper receives a letter informing it that its budget has been frozen by SGA.

Jan. 24: Because its funds are frozen, The Montclarion publishes online.