News Bits

Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page said Monday he was ready to take the iconic band on a world tour after burning up the stage at last month’s reunion concert in London. But it probably won’t happen before September.

In his final State of the Union address, President George W. Bush proposed a $300 million initiative to help struggling young people caught in failing inner-city schools and also will announce plans to eliminate many federal programs and host a major hemispheric conference in hurricane-ravaged New Orleans.

New on the McDonald’s menu: a take away diploma. The British government is giving the burger chain the right to award credits toward a high school diploma for their on-the-job training programs. It’s part of a plan to improve skills while preparing some students for the work force.

New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly says Mary-Kate Olsen will not be questioned by detectives about Heath Ledger’s death. Numerous phone calls were allegedly made to Olsen from Ledger’s apartment during the time surrounding his death.

Chinese officials are scrambling to prevent riots as freak snowstorms stranded about 500,000 people trying to return home for the Chinese New Year, the country’s busiest holiday.

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