Foley missed the point

Bryan Foley, you missed the point so hard that I feel sorry for you. The outrage over the fliers advertising the College Republicans’ Christmas (not Holiday, Christmas) Party last semester wasn’t because they dared to proclaim their love of Christmas. This wasn’t a matter of being politically correct or incorrect, it was a matter of not being a huge asshole, which is what the idiots who decided to put these fliers up are, were and forever will be: huge assholes, insufferable douche bags, giant steaming piles of crap. You get the picture.

Not all the College Republicans are among this herd of jackasses. Since these fliers went up, I’ve heard that it was only one or two people who designed them, got them approved and put them up on campus, so this is not directed at the College Republicans as a whole, just the dicks who put these up.

After all, do you have to be Christian to be a Republican? No. Do you have to celebrate Christmas to be a Republican? No.

These are not requirements for entry into the Republican Party, yet these delinquents felt obligated to label their entire group as having the same narrow-minded opinions as they did.

Do some of the College Republicans share their beliefs? Probably. All of them? I doubt it.

Also, this concept of the American Civil Liberties Union ruining Christmas just baffles me. I don’t know if you’ve checked recently, but Christmas is winning the Put-Giant-Bright-Obnoxious-Shit-On-Your-House-For-The-Holidays War. Christmas decorations have red and green lights, inflatable Santas, reindeer, trees, elves, presents, muppets, Jesus, shepherds, the Grinch and Jim Carrey.

How many Christmas movies are there? How many Christmas sequels? I bet the number of Christmas movies starring Tim Allen alone would be more than every Hanukkah movie ever made, times two.

Non-Christians weren’t the ones pissed off at the College Republicans (or rather, the imbeciles who tried to speak for them). Every sane human with a rational thought floating between their ears was pissed off at them.

Yes, you can walk down the streets of Anytown, U.S.A., and find a church, a mosque and a synagogue blocks away from each other. By the way, where is Anytown, U.S.A., because I sure as hell have never been there? OK, real quick, think of a synagogue within a mile of the College. Now a mosque. Now think of a church within a mile of the College. I Googled all three: No mosques, one synagogue and more than 70 churches. Then again, this isn’t Anytown, U.S.A. This is Realityville, N.J.

Christmas is flourishing in America. What is misconstrued as the ruining of Christmas is actually giving other holidays room to publicly celebrate alongside Christmas.

The people who tried to speak for the College Republicans weren’t whining because Christmas was ruined; they were whining because they used to have the whole pie, and now they have to share it.

Sean Curry