Online Exclusive: Sodexho employee charged with homicide

Maya Bynum, a Sodexho worker employed at the College, has been arrested and charged with homicide after allegedly stabbing and killing her boyfriend.

According to the Trenton Police Department, Bynum, 25, fatally stabbed Anthony Orlando Keene, 40, on Nov. 23 at about 2 a.m.

According to Casey DiBlasio of the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office, bail was originally set at $350,000 but was lowered Monday, Dec. 4 by $100,000.

As of Wednesday afternoon Bynum had not posted bail, according to the Mercer County Office of Corrections.

Police said the incident occurred in Trenton on the front porch of Bynum’s 100 block residence. Trenton police arrived at the scene, where they said they found Keene face down on the kitchen floor of the first floor apartment. At the time, police said he was bleeding and unresponsive.

Keene was pronounced dead at Capital Health System shortly after being transported.

DiBlasio said Bynum gave a statement to the police confessing that she stabbed Keene.

Trenton police said Bynum was immediately taken into custody. She was later charged with homicide.

While in police custody, Bynum complained of pain in her arms and shoulder and was taken to Saint Francis Medical Center where she was treated for a bite to her left shoulder, according to police.

Defense attorney Steve Hallett said Tuesday that he is hopeful he can prove that Bynum acted in self-defense.

“They tell me that self-defense doesn’t apply here because she didn’t apply for a restraining order,” Hallett said.

Hallett believes the case is more complex, however. He said he has a list of possible eye-witnesses who have seen Keene exhibiting abusive behavior.

According to Hallett, Bynum first attacked Keene by slashing at his arm; the second cut was on Keene’s leg, indicating that he may have been trying to kick her.

He admitted that although those cuts could be interpreted several different ways, one possible explanation is that Bynum was attempting to fend off Keene.

Hallett called Keene “super abusive,” saying he had kicked and bitten her in the past.

Bynum has worked on campus for the past two years, according to Anthony Owens, a Sodexho USA spokesperson.

Owens said Sodexho has not been contacted by police authorities, but “we will be working with the authorities if they contact us.”