LDP request ‘locks up’ funds

The Leadership Development Program (LDP) requested $4,968.96 for its Leadership Lock-Up, which is a day of leadership workshops, networking activities and a keynote speaker. The board voted unanimously to give the club full funding.

“They have it every year. This is cheaper than last year and so maybe we should fund it,” Jim Gallagher, equipment center manager, said.

CUB requested $3,732 for its National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) Annual National Conference. The board voted unanimously to award $4,932.

The NACA conference is a chance for the College to meet with other schools around the country and gain better perspectives on event planning. Four CUB members and two SFB members plan to attend the conference.

Chabad requested $1,582 for a Grand Menorah Lighting. The board voted 9 to 6 to allocate $882, subtracting the costs of menorah kits and establishing an $8 ticket price for non-students attending the event.

The Grand Menorah Lighting is a public occasion meant to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah. Part of the celebration involves passing out menorah kits to club members.

However, some members of the board felt this event would clash too much with TCNJ Holiday, a campus-wide celebration of all religions.

“This is separate from TCNJ Holiday, and I know automatically Christian organizations are going to say they want one, and Kwanzaa, too. TCNJ Holiday is supposed to be an all-inclusive, all-holidays event,” John Ronan, Student Government Association (SGA) representative, said.

Leo Acevedo, SFB executive director, agreed. “I like the fact that (TCNJ) Holiday is all-inclusive. We shouldn’t pay for the gifts, and we should charge a ticket price for the parents. I feel like having each group have an event will water down TCNJ Holiday,” Acevedo said.

Mike Stolar, operations director, added, “TCNJ Holiday promotes more campus unity. It should be a bigger event instead of having something separate.”

A motion for zero funding was denied in a vote of 12 to 3.

The Grand Menorah Lighting will take place Dec. 9 in front of Green Hall, followed by a celebration immediately following in the Business Building Lounge.

Gospel Choir Ministries requested $925 for its 35th anniversary celebration. The board voted unanimously to award the club $135 to cover the costs of beverages and the use of a sound technician.

The 35th anniversary celebration will include a performance by the Gospel Choir Ministries as well as a PowerPoint presentation outlining how the organization has progressed throughout the years.

The Gospel Choir Ministries is promoting the event mostly through word of mouth, as well as a Facebook group. The group expects about 120 students and 80 guests to attend.

One of the expenses requested was $500 for a sound system. According to the group, the current sound system with 12-inch monitors is insufficient.

“I don’t see why the 12 inches aren’t big enough. We have the equipment already. They are also not planning ahead. I don’t like the idea of giving them $500 for every concert,” Gallagher said.

Gospel Choir Ministries currently has one working speaker, and it needs another speaker as well as an amp. The board decided to allocate $75 for a sound technician and $60 for beverages.

The National Council of Negro Women requested $760 for its 15th annual Founder’s Day Banquet. The board voted 9 to 6 to give them $745, subtracting some costs for a banner and the guest speaker’s gift.

The banquet is open to everyone on campus.

There was discussion about the catering to be provided by Sodexho.

“It’s $15 for food a person, and the food is not worth it,” Matt McCann, senior representative, said.

However, because there is no new SFB meeting before the banquet takes place, the club will not be able to modify the request.

The board voted unanimously to fully fund an SGA request for $724.92 for TCNJ Holiday.

It is the 19th anniversary of TCNJ Holiday, and SGA is expecting an attendance of about 200 students. The event will take place on Dec. 4 in Brower Student Center from 8 to 10:30 p.m.