Campus comics earn shot at state crown

Talk of body fat, bad breath and stalking filled the Rathskeller (Rat) Monday night when four comedians set out to get the most laughs out of the crowd.

Part of the New Jersey Comedy Festival, the Rat played host to the first round of a competition between college students all over New Jersey trying to become the “King of Campus Comedy.”

Adam Mamawala, junior communication studies major, was the highest-scoring comedian of the night and was the first of three to break into the next round. Besides material and delivery, judges also based scoring on audience reaction.

“There’s nothing I enjoy more than having a good crowd response,” Mamawala said.

Mamawala was a crowd favorite as his jokes received eruptions of laughter from fellow students. His biggest crowd pleaser was a line of impressions of Jerry Seinfeld, Samuel L. Jackson and Borat, as well as Indian and Irish accents, all to the tune of a GPS navigational system’s voice.

In his bit, Mamawala suggested using different ethnic or celebrity voices for the GPS instead of the generic female voice. Mamawala impersonated an Irishman’s voice for St. Patrick’s Day saying: “Jesus, Mary and Joseph, you’ve gone too far,” in a thick accent that had the audience cracking up in approval.

Also making it into the next round was Jason Cantor, sophomore business management major, who spent most of his time on-stage teasing southern New Jersey folk and his sister’s bad breath.

“The No. 1 place (people from southern New Jersey) go to is Wawa. … The second place is the tutoring center and the third place is Planned Parenthood,” Cantor said. Cantor also asked why people would want to study abroad or travel to “third world countries … when you can just go 20 miles south to south Jersey.”

Daniel Neyman, sophomore psychology major, also punched his ticket to the next round after getting his fair share of laughs out of the crowd. Neyman took advantage of entertaining facial expressions and took jabs at himself during his allotted five minutes on stage.

“Know how much money I save in the winter on heating?” Neyman said, referring to his girth.

Annie Raczko, senior English/elementary education major, also performed. Though Raczko did not make it to the next round, she kept the crowd giggling at the expense of her former freshman year roommate.

Teasing her weight, smell and looks, Raczko kept crowd members interested as they listened in on her terrible freshman year experience.

Overall, the night was a success as each comedian drew a commendable amount of laughter from the crowd. The Rat was filled to capacity, with many finding seats on the floor in front of the stage.

Mamawala, Cantor and Neyman will face off against 36 other comedians from 12 different colleges in New Jersey this Saturday, Dec. 8, at Monmouth University. Besides bragging rights, the winner will receive $1,000, a scholarship to a renowned comedy school, a trip for two to Cancun and an opening spot at a New York City club.

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