Support a tougher stance on crime

We need to rid our municipal streets of the deviant element. Our streets are plagued with drug dealing, rape, aggravated assault, car jacking, murder, brawls, burglary, larceny/theft and arson. Some municipalities have very little of the aforementioned acts of deviance while others spend large portions of their city budgets on law enforcement. I am of the opinion that the deviants and their bags of tricks can be broken.

I want you to stop and really consider these points. Where is the logic in the principle, declaration and action that “power comes out of the barrel of a gun?” Especially if you take into consideration the fact that the vast majority of guns are in the hands of the law abiding majority and our agents of enforcement. There are an estimated 200 million guns in the United States. Where is the logic in the deviants thinking they are invisible, when at every moment they are surrounded by our mass?

It is estimated that there are 800,000 members of gangs in the United States. But, there are 200 million adults over the age of 18. Where is the logic in the deviant attaching themselves to our mass, like a parasite, without ever considering that we would take note, grow tired and look into means of removal? Am I making any sense to you? We are the host that is the life source for these parasites. Our survival is not based on their existence, because the nutrients that sustain us are of a pure and rich substance. Having said that, don’t you think it is time that we start acting like the mass that we are and “swat away” or burn them off, like one does a mosquito or leech? How much longer will we allow our person to be violated and our lifeblood extracted?

Where is the logic in remaining silent when police are murdered and public officials are harassed and threatened? Why does the procession of mourners and the outraged almost always consist of fellow officers, family and close friends? Now if we flip the coin we will get an entirely different response. If the victim who is slain is one of our own, then blogs, Web sites, charitable organizations, rallies, marches, demands for justice, all of which manage to happen at the drop of a dime, take the place of the silence we had when the victim was an agent of enforcement.

Where is the logic in keeping the crimes of deviants secret and in the same breath criticizing elected officials and our Police Department for not being able to get a hold of crime? If a criminal breaks into my home, steals my valuables, rapes my wife and gets away, what realistic expectation of success can I have of police if I refuse to share any information about the criminal? And then I turn around and file a complaint against the police department and city, with my high-priced hippie lawyer who argues that my suffering is linked to the actions of the police department. This same logic is used by citizens who do not vote but have everything to say about what is wrong with our system of government.

This is not an attack on any one group of people and we must stop allowing these high-priced hippies and charlatans to suggest that a tough stance on crime is inhumane or cruel and unusual punishment. We can be tough on crime without violating our fundamental principles. And all this talk of the rights of gangs, rapists, arsonists, molesters and terrorists needs to be put in perspective.

What about our rights? What about my right to take a stroll through the park in the evening without the fear of being mugged and beaten down for a few dollars, my watch and cell phone?

What about my right to be able to leave my front door ajar or bottom floor windows open without fear of having to fight off a trespasser? What about a sister’s right to walk down the street without being objectified, hissed at and without having men get out of their cars to harass her about some sexual frolic?

What about the right of the senior citizens who have worked their entire lives and wish to have some peace and quiet in their last years? What about my right to enjoy the fruit of “my” labor by purchasing material goods, without having to pimp them out with state-of-the-art security systems just to enjoy them one day more?

There needs to be a revolution in our municipalities as it pertains to law and justice. And the first person we need to consider when fixing this broken system is our tax-paying, law-abiding citizen.

And I do not want to hear one word about what the deviants went through or what they need, until our needs are met. Frankly, those who are in the business of violating the rights of our people, and without provocation, lose their own.

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