Don’t go home

There has been quite a nasty trend occurring on campus, primarily affecting the freshman class. This trend is unlike any trend seen at the College for many years, perhaps not since the College was Trenton State College.

When I visited four years ago, my ambassador assured me there was plenty to do on the weekends because everyone stays. As a senior, I completely agree with what he told me. I have had a fun and eventful four years.

As an ambassador, I tell the same thing to prospective students because I believe that most upperclassmen stay on the weekends to do something on or off campus in the area.

In recent months, I have been hearing that many freshmen are going home on the weekends. The reason, I believe, is because a few students will go home, then others will think that everyone is going home, and then there is a downward spiral.

What happened to the values of this campus? Do we really want to regress back to being considered a “suitcase” school?

Honestly, what does your house offer you that you cannot get at the College? Showering without flip flops? Get over it. There is plenty to do at the College on the weekends. The College Union Board (CUB) offers entertainment, there are on and off campus gatherings and there is a lot to do in the area.

If there is nothing that interests you, get involved and make a change! Join CUB, find an existing club or start another club that meets on Friday nights and figure out something to do.

I’m a graduating senior; the future social life of this school does not affect me in any way. It is up to each student to get involved and make this campus a fun place to be on the weekend.

It isn’t necessary to go home for everything. Ask your parents to come visit you, and to bring some food that can be reheated. We just had Thanksgiving break so there should be no reason to go home between now and winter break.

Don’t let our reputation revert back to a “suitcase” school.