Coffeehouse raises money for fallen College student

According to, 28 percent of 15-20-year-olds who are killed in motor vehicle crashes had been drinking. The goal of Students Against Drunk Driving (SADD) is to create awareness regarding the dangers of drunken driving, and how easily they can be avoided.

Every year, SADD hosts events with this goal in mind. On Monday, Nov. 26, SADD hosted its first coffeehouse in the Cromwell Lounge.

The donations received at the door were donated to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) on behalf of Matthew Wasser, a College student who was killed by a drunken driver last month in Boston.

Students were invited to share their music and personal experiences with drunken driving. Some students had experienced deaths of loved ones due to drunken driving, others attended high schools that were plagued by drunken driving related deaths and one even cited a tragic drunk driving accident as being the reason she decided to go into law enforcement.

Dan Golazeski, senior secondary education and mathematics major who performed some of his original songs, was a friend of Wasser’s. When he heard that the proceeds of the event were being donated to MADD in Wasser’s name, he “just felt like it was something that (he) wanted to be a part of.” He dedicated his song “Goodbye” to Wasser, in which he sang, “How do I say goodbye when it’s too late?”

The message that each student’s experiences conveyed was clear. As Kevin Russo, sophomore computer engineering major, said, “There are consequences (to drunken driving). You have to be careful and responsible.”

SADD is a relatively small organization at the College, but is growing every year. SADD President Stefani Zitelli said last year, SADD had merely half a dozen members. This year, the organization has between 25 to 30 members. The growth is promising.

“I’m excited (about this event) because we’re such a small organization. We’re trying to spread awareness on campus and let people know that we exist.”

As Chris Kubak, senior mechanical engineering major said, “(SADD) is a cause that everyone should be aware of and at the forefront of our conscience especially with the holiday season approaching.”