Break from exams funded

The Student Government Association (SGA) requested $8,872 for Finals Fest. The board voted unanimously to give them full funding. Finals Fest includes many stress-relieving activities such as massage therapy, three pizza nights, a cereal night and various other games. SGA cut out events that had low attendance in the past in order to save costs.

“I think it’s good that they cut out a lot of the events (with low attendance),” Mike Stolar, operations director, said. SGA is expecting about 350 students to participate in Finals Fest.

“They have it every year, and it’s a nice break to get away from finals and enjoy yourself a little bit,” Bill Fenimore, administrative director, said.

The Siren requested $2,650 for its Fall 2007 issue. The board voted unanimously to give them $400, which would cover the costs of printing for the issue, since they already had about $2200 in their budget to print. The Siren additionally requested money for a Signal ad, but there will not be an issue of The Signal before The Siren comes out.

Ink requested $894.50 for “The Goods,” an all-day literature, art and music festival. The board voted unanimously to grant Ink $324.50, subtracting the costs of the headliner and a Signal ad.

Under Student Finance Board protocol, under no circumstances can the board give Student Activities Fund (SAF) money to faculty. Because part of the request involved $500 to go a potential faculty headliner, this part of the request had to be tabled. Additionally, the cost of one Signal ad was deducted, because Ink asked for two, and only one issue of The Signal comes out before the event.

Indian Student Association (ISA) requested $894 for its coffeehouse event. The board voted 12 to 2 to give them full funding. ISA previously asked for money for this event last week, but its request was tabled because there was not an accurate figure for the expected attendance.

ISA expects an attendance of 60 people, almost double that of last week. The club plans now for the event to be free. There was some discussion over whether there should be a nominal ticket price in order to lower the cost of the event.

“I think we should be charging a $2-3 ticket price to get some funding. There is food there, as well as acts,” Maya Wadya, assistant financial director said.

“I think these people would go regardless of whether or not they have to pay a couple of dollars,” Stolar said.

The board motioned to give ISA $734, establishing a $2 ticket price. However, in a vote of 10 to 3, this proposal was denied. Certain members of the board felt that since it is a multicultural event, they do not want to discourage people from attending because of a ticket price. The coffeehouse is slated to be held on Nov. 28 in Brower Student Center 202 West.

The French Club requested $618.75 for its annual Soiree, which promotes French culture through culinary and artistic engagement in a relaxing environment. The board voted unanimously to grant them $548.75, deducting the price of one half-page Signal ad.

“It seems very cost-effective,” Fenimore said. The French Club requested two half-page Signal ads, although there is only one issue of The Signal that comes out before the event takes place. The Annual Soiree is taking place on Dec. 4 in the Allen Drawing Room.

Christian Catholic Ministries (CCM) requested $347 for an overnight faith-building event designed to build spirituality through various activities, games and interaction. The board voted 13 to 2 to award them full funding.

The overnight retreat is set to take place from Nov. 30 to Dec. 1 at St. Veronica’s Parish.

Voices for Planned Parenthood (VOX) requested $321 for the film rights to “And the Band Played On” in support of AIDS Awareness Week. The board voted unanimously to grant them full funding. The film showing on Dec. 4 is to be preceded by a special dinner at Eickhoff.