ISA to get its Garba on in Cromwell Hall

The Student Finance Board (SFB) fully funded the Indian Student Association (ISA) last Wednesday, unanimously awarding its request of $484 for the festival of Garba.

Garba will take place in Cromwell Hall lounge on Oct. 12 and will include dancing, music and Indian food.

$350 will go toward food for the event, which equates to about $8 per person.

Although about 40 students attended last year, ISA is hoping for a bigger turnout this year because it’s free, according to Jasen Sood, ISA organizational representative.

“We want to get more than just Indian people to come out,” he said.

ISA members said they are expecting about 60 students to attend. In a Facebook group set up for the event, there are 30 people who say they plan on coming.

Some SFB members expressed concern that ISA was underestimating the amount of people who would attend and might run out of food.

Others, however, reassured SFB members that there would be enough food for everyone.

“Some people are hungry, some people aren’t,” Student Government Association assistant representative Sheil Naik said. “If they have enough food for 60 people they could probably feed like 70.”

“I think they just want a little taste,” sophomore representative Darling Charles said. “They should be OK.”

In addition to the cost of dinner, drinks, dessert and utensils, the money will cover sticks used for folk dancing, new CDs with modern Garba music and a centerpiece.

“Everyone’s willing to help out,” Natasha Nayak, ISA president, said. “It’s a really good atmosphere.”

Last week, the Asian American Association (AAA) received full funding for its request of $12,987 to have comedian Russell Peters perform during Experience Asia month in November.

The request of $12,987 was granted after AAA initially asked for and was denied $25,000 a few weeks ago. Peters’ agent declined AAA’s request to lower the price and Peters will not perform at the College. AAA is currently looking for other comedians to fill the void.