Sex, beer and (Mc)Lovin’ in ‘Superbad’

September 5, 2007 Josh Page 0

Director Judd Apatow and writer Seth Rogen seem to have just one thing on their mind. And after directing films such as “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” and this summer’s “Knocked Up,” that one thing should be easily decipherable. Their new film “Superbad” also delivers the laughs, strong and hard. […]

Still look good on the dance floor?

September 5, 2007 Joseph Hannan 0

Should a band make the same record twice? I’ve always found myself drawn toward bands that are constantly evolving, and I believe that sonic evolution is characteristic of a band’s maturing process.

Unfortunately, far too many times I’ve heard music fans say something to the effect of, “(Insert band’s name here)’s new album is just too different. […]

Bored on Friday night? CUB has the cure

September 5, 2007 James Queally 0

For everyone who thinks there is “nothing to do here on the weekend,” try stopping by the Rathskeller on Friday nights. The College Union Board’s CUBRat committee will offer up some of the best and most affordable weekend entertainment on campus this semester with a series of performances by the College’s best student bands and some of the area’s most talented cover groups. […]

Comedians get last laugh at comedy show

September 5, 2007 Stephen Smith 0

On Thursday, Aug 30. the College Union Board (CUB) put on the first of its many shows, bringing in a trio of award-winning comics to entertain the student body. Paul Varghese, Jessica Kirson and Greg Fitzsimmons were all invited to the College to share their unique brands of standup comedy. […]

Democrats, where the hell are you?

September 5, 2007 Michelle McGuinness 0

Buried in the letters sent to The Signal this past week regarding Terence Grado’s opinion article, “College professors unamerican,” is a short yet striking question:

“As for the College Democrats,” Alex Kennedy wrote, “where the hell are you?”

Though I consider myself an Independent, that sentence had me wondering when I read it. […]

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