Students say farewell to summer at bash

With the Fall semester here, it is clear that summer is beginning to fade. While many still have their short shorts and their flip flops, the weather is changing and pretty soon those will be traded in for sweatshirts and sneakers. What better way to end a summer than to throw one last bash where everyone can just go and have a great time?

The End of Summer Bash was held on Wednesday on the Cromwell/Decker lawn and included a variety of different activities. Sponsored by the Department of Residential Education and Housing, there was something for everyone, including henna, card games, Frisbee, a DJ and plenty of food.

Everyone seemed to have the same reason for going: they were looking for a place to have fun and forget the stresses of class. While there, barely anyone thought of classes and felt almost as if they were at home with old friends just having a good time.

“It is good to have a place where you don’t have to stress about class and just chill with your friends” Rickey Singh, freshman business major, said.

“(Decker/Cromwell) decided that the best way to let the students unwind is through a big celebration of summer wherein everybody could enjoy free barbecue food, water balloon games, face paint and henna, puzzles and sports,” community advisor (CA) and event coordinator German Rozencranc said via e-mail.

The idea of classes seemed to be the farthest thing from students’ minds.

“I love the summer and it sucks that it’s almost gone,” freshman early education and Spanish major Tiffany Sanchez said.

With the warm weather almost gone, this celebration was just what the students needed to say goodbye to the summer. With fall comes a variety of activities to do on campus, which will hopefully keep students from going crazy when their workload becomes unbearable.

“I thought that coming to college would not be as fun as it has been. There is always something to do and you can always find new people,” freshman chemistry major Shavonne Flavaney said.

This bash was a great place to meet new people, as everyone seemed to be satisfied and mingling with others. There were many people getting henna tattoos who had never had it done before. There were also water balloons and the music, which included many summer hits, got people moving and provided a backdrop for conversations.

“The event was really successful because all of the CAs did an amazing job running their posts and planning the event from top to bottom,” Rozencranc said. “They worked really hard and it paid off since a lot of people came and we got a really positive response from the event’s participants.”