Freshman reps elected

The Student Finance Board (SFB) elected two new freshman representatives during last week’s meeting.

Peter J. Anastasio Jr., freshman history major, and Bradford Van Arnum, freshman economics major, were elected out of five candidates.

Anastasio was elected after the first two rounds of voting, which ended in a tie between him and Kafele Boothe, freshman international business major. There was concern raised about whether Anastasio would be too outspoken during SFB meetings.

“I don’t think you should hold it against him that he is loud and outspoken because that is what we need on this board,” Kim Ings, SFB financial director, said.

Van Arnum, who said that interest in an organization and a desire to learn is usually more substantial than experience, was elected partially due to his interest in SFB.

“I think he had the right mindset . his willingness to learn . is what we really need in a freshman representative, in my opinion,” John Ronan, SGA representative, said.

The elections for sophomore representative are scheduled for today as one of the candidates was unable to attend the meeting. The other candidate, Sana Fathima, sophomore biomedical engineering major, interviewed at the meeting.

SFB also voted unanimously to allocate full funding to the College Union Board (CUB) for a special appropriation request of $100 for its interest sessions to recruit new members.

The requested funding would have been in CUB’s base budget request last year but due to an oversight, it was overlooked, according to Leo Acevedo, SFB executive director.

All College Theatre (ACT) gave a presentation regarding “Combat for the Stage,” a three-hour workshop open to the campus, which SFB unanimously voted to fully fund for $910.50.

The certified sword choreographer for ACT’s upcoming production of “Hamlet,” Stephen Davis, “will educate those in attendance on how to safely perform combat scenes on stage as well as some basic sword fighting techniques, although no actual swords will be used,” according to the presentation.

SFB, which prior to the meeting had a total balance of $288,536, allocated a total of $1,010.50.


CUB/Interest sessions/$100

ACT/Combat for the Stage/$910.50