No car, no problem! Fun on campus

So you’re 18-years-old and you finally received that ticket to paradise one year ago: a driver’s license. Then you go to college and face the sad reality: no cars allowed on campus freshman year. Or perhaps you don’t even have a car. No exploring the cultural mecca that is Ewing, N.J., no late-night trips to Wendy’s and no skeevy games of bowling over at Slocum’s.

Fortunately, there’s plenty of fun to be had on campus, even sans automobile. And no, getting drunk off a six pack of Keystone does not count.

Dance party

Nothing brings floormates closer than making an ass of yourself. Gather in someone’s room or the elevator lobby, bring an iPod, or if you want to be old-school, a boom box, crank up some silly music and get dancing. May I recommend some forgotten classics from 2Ge+her? It might not be Katmandu, but you’ll have just as much fun without the cover charge and creepy guys hitting on you, unless those kind of guys live on your floor. In that case, good luck.

Never Have I Ever

If embarrassing yourself through dance doesn’t work, try a good game of Never Have I Ever. Nothing is more effective at bringing out people’s weird sexual histories and hilarious stories. If you’ve never played, which is a crime in itself, then gather in a circle and put up 10 fingers. Everyone has to go around and say one thing they’ve never done before and if you’ve done it, put one finger down. The loser is the person who has no fingers left, although the title of loser is debatable, as anyone who has accomplished so much in their short life should be congratulated, not penalized. Beware, faint of heart: it might start innocently enough (Never Have I Ever eaten a hot dog) but often progresses at a racy rate (Never Have I Ever had sex in a bathroom on a Wednesday with someone over 50).

Four Square

For the more athletically-inclined, there’s usually a game of four square going on outside Travers and Wolfe Halls on sunny days and at night. Unconcerned with the rage they inspire for yelling and bouncing a ball around at 3 a.m., there’s always a group hanging around and waiting for some new challengers. Games like this are great places for meeting new people and a fun way to exercise and combat those infamous college pounds.

Catch a show at the Rat

The Rathskeller, known more commonly as the Rat, is a great eating alternative to Eickhoff. However, it also provides a venue for on-campus entertainment. On most Friday nights you can catch acts like bands, poets and comedians at the Rat, often for free or a small cover charge. Many of the performers are College students themselves so you can witness some great performances without leaving the campus, all while supporting your fellow students.