Democrats, where the hell are you?

Buried in the letters sent to The Signal this past week regarding Terence Grado’s opinion article, “College professors unamerican,” is a short yet striking question:

“As for the College Democrats,” Alex Kennedy wrote, “where the hell are you?”

Though I consider myself an Independent, that sentence had me wondering when I read it. It’s a valid point. Where are the College Democrats?

It seems that most of the opinions submitted to The Signal are written by conservatives. Yet most of the letters we get in response to those articles are written by more left-leaning students.

Rather than responding to article after article every week, Democrats on campus should be taking action. Regardless of whether or not you agree with them, no one can deny that the Republicans on this campus make themselves heard.

Of the four political groups on campus – College Republicans, College Democrats, International Socialist Organization (ISO) and College Libertarians – the Republicans are most consistently active, vocal and visible on campus.

The only real challenge to this may come from the ISO, but many of its activities take place off campus.

If students give a damn then they should do more than write letters (though we do love getting letters from readers). Letters are a good start, but if students are really outraged then they should stand up and do something about it.

March through D.C. with the Socialists if that’s what you’re into. Revive the College Democrats if that’s your thing. Hell, go argue the merits of Ayn Rand with the Libertarians if that’s what floats your boat.

I’m sure the College Republicans plan to do more than write opinions for The Signal this year. And if our letters section is anything to go by, students don’t seem overjoyed at that prospect.

But if they truly care than they will change the depressing trend of College apathy and organize a tangible counter.

Whether you hate them or love them, the Republicans deserve credit for being one of the most vocal and visible groups on campus.

And it’s a safe bet that won’t change this year.