Are Americans inherently conservative?

When a Republican loses an election, it is more often than not because he or she strays away from the conservative principles that bolstered his or her victory in the first place.

The key to Republican victories is not abandoning the conservative principles that help us win election after election if we stay true to them. We should not stray away from them in a useless effort to please radical liberals. We also don’t need to convince “moderates” if we instead convince them that they are conservatives. Why? When given the correct information on pertinent issues instead of the emotional exploitation they get from Democrats, they truly have the ability to see they are really conservative.

There are five fundamental tenets of 21st century American conservatism that make this true.

Americans want first and foremost to be and feel protected from enemies at home and abroad who hate our ability to cherish freedom. These enemies, namely radical “islamofacists,” seek to destroy us and our way of life, regardless of race, status or political party. Conservatives favor the funding of a strong, efficient, modern military and strict adherence to the rule of law in terms of illegal immigration and national security as a means of achieving the goal of protecting freedom for Americans. Therefore, Americans who discern the realities of the 21st century are conservative.

Americans live in a capitalist system and therefore must work hard to earn their living. Their access to vertical mobility is as available to them as they want it to be. When rich, middle class and poor working Americans bring home their hard-earned paychecks, they don’t like seeing the gigantic Left hand of Nanny Government reaching into their pockets to take so much of it away. Conservatives favor a smaller, efficient government that allows individuals to keep more of their own money, since they rightfully earned it and know how best they would like to spend it. No one, probably not even liberals, wants to toil four months out of the year just to pay government dues. Therefore, Americans who discern the reality of capitalism’s promise are conservative.

Americans live in a society that prides itself on the importance of education. Unfortunately, what liberals and big-government Republicans have done to education over the last 30 years has allowed education in this country to sink lower and lower in comparison to other countries. We have seen the public schools forcibly turned into temples of secular progressive liberalism. Conservatives recognize that America’s founding fathers never intended or envisioned the current way the public schools exist. Liberals are against the individual right of parents to choose where to send their children via a voucher system; instead they insist on the government forcing their children to be victims of mediocrity. Conservatives favor school choice for parents, who know their children and families best. Therefore, Americans who discern the reality of education are conservative.

Americans live in a society that values the importance of human life. Unfortunately, liberals wrongfully feel it is their right to choose what is life and whether it can be harvested and killed for the sake of furthering someone else’s. Conservatives recognize the value of innocent life, born and unborn, as well as the success of adult stem cell research in helping aid or cure over 70 health problems. Therefore, when Americans discern the reality that abortion and embryonic stem cell research are both fundamentally flawed, they are therefore conservative.

Lastly, Americans live in a country that was founded by God-loving individuals who recognized the need for Americans to have God in the public arena, as well as freedom of religion, not from religion. That is why they wrote in the first Amendment that Congress may not establish an official religion and it shall not prohibit the free exercise thereof. Liberal activist judges have reshaped the founders’ original intent by establishing the false notion of “a wall of separation of church and state” which is a phrase nowhere in the Constitution. Therefore, when Americans discern the reality that America has and always will be a country that recognizes the role of the Almighty, regardless of religious denomination, they are therefore conservative.

Each of the five tenets of conservatism briefly outlined above could be accentuated and proven with many more pages of information. Americans’ quest for knowledge will be reinvigorated if Republicans would stay true to these winning conservative principles and advocate them. This knowledge will allow Americans to unlock that inner-conservative that truly resides within them, when they are freed from the grasp of liberalism’s folly and emotional grasps. Do you want to keep more of your own hard-earned money? Do you want a strong military to prevent terrorist attacks? Do you want more freedom and less government interference? Do you want to foster a society that cherishes innocent life? If your answer to any one of these is yes, pat yourself on the back, because you are already a Republican and well on your way to unlocking your inner-conservative!