Student Life sports new name for Fall semester

The College is undergoing a transformation of three major campus administrative organizations.

As of July 1, the Division of Student Life has been renamed the Division of Student Affairs. This change has affected Residential and Community Development and Campus Activities.

Residential and Community Development, or ResLife, is now the Department of Residential Education and Housing. Campus Activities is now the Office of Student Activities and Leadership Development.

This reorganization process is part of a three-step plan that includes reorganization, realignment and renewal. This plan involves restructuring the office of the vice president and “creating a more coherent, synergistic administrative structure,” according to the student life Web site.

The College hired Kathleen Manning, a nationally-acclaimed expert in student affairs, to help with the new model.

According to James Norfleet, vice president of Student Affairs, Manning earned a $1,500 honorarium and $196.68 for travel expenses.

In a campus-wide e-mail, Norfleet said the Division of Student Life is changing “in response to (College) President (R. Barbara) Gitenstein’s charge to transform the division and refocus its energies and resources on the College’s educational mission.” Another reason for the transformation is president Gitenstein encouraging a campus environment that “values student life professionals as essential partners in the learning process.”

The Division of Student Affairs has a new mission statement that goes beyond the classroom. The College hopes to “develop globally conscious citizens whose character will be distinguished by an appreciation for the range of human experience, a commitment to act and lead with integrity and a self-directed call to lifelong learning and service to their communities.”

Reorganization includes a closer relationship between offices, programs, services and functions, and addresses staffing needs in student affairs.

The following staff and faculty members have received new leadership roles under the reorganization.

 Director of Student Activities and Leadership Development – Tim Asher

 Director of the Center for Academic Success – Ann DeGennaro

 Assistant Director of Housing Assignments – Ryan Farnkopf

 Assistant vice president for Student Services – Magda Manetas

 Director of Housing Operations – Sean Stallings

According to the Student Life Web site, these are the steps that are being taken in Strategic Reorganization Phase 1:

 The office of the vice president is creating two new positions, Program Coordinator and director of Planning and Administration, to focus on policy, planning, budgeting, resource management, assessment and research, crisis response and general administration of Student Affairs.

 Programs, services and other organizations will be grouped into the dean of students and the Student Services “clusters.” The classifications are based on “student learning and development concepts and models” according to the Student Life Web site.

 After a national search to fill their positions, the associate vice president and dean of students will lead a “cluster” focusing on student learning and development and a strong campus community. In the meantime, Norfleet will serve as acting dean of students.

 Magda Manetas, the recently appointed assistant vice president for Student Services, will lead a “cluster” that includes programs and organizations such as the Alcohol and Drug Education Program, Anti-Violence Initiatives, Differing Abilities Services, Health Services, Parent and Family Programs, Psychological Counseling Services and ROTC.

 Academic Support Programs and Career Services have joined Student Affairs. These offices will report directly to Norfleet and will assist in the Student Affairs mission.

“As for immediate changes on the student staff level, the changes have been negligible,” Stallings said.

According to Stallings, the Travers/Wolfe Security Assistant Residence Director position has been eliminated and the Assistant Residence Director position in the Off Campus Houses has been downgraded to a Community Coordinator position. Also, another Community Advisor position has been added to the Sophomore Year Experience program.

“Both changes have occurred to more accurately reflect departmental needs and responsibilities of the positions,” Stalling said.

He added, “We still maintain the same proportionality of staff to students.”