Parking fee not automatic

Students will no longer be charged automatically for residential parking fees.

For the past three years, the office of Student Accounts has automatically billed students for parking permits, regardless of whether they have a car on campus or not. Students would have to fill out a waiver to avoid being charged. However, many students who did not have cars on campus did not fill out the waiver.

“This year we tried a different process,” Dionne Hallback, associate director of Student Accounts, said. “People who don’t want a car on campus don’t have to take extra steps.”

Students who have cars on campus had to pay for a permit by Aug. 20.

“I think it’s great because filling out the waiver was kind of annoying and if people didn’t know about it, they would be paying a lot of money for nothing,” Brian Glaz, junior interactive multimedia major, said. Glaz does not have a car on campus.

This year, a residential full-year permit costs $246.50. Last year, it cost $230.

“I think it’s a very good idea that they’re doing it this year,” Alex Emr, sophomore psychology major, said. “It doesn’t make sense to charge people automatically.” Emr has a car on campus.

According to Hallback, student accounts has received e-mails and phone calls in the past regarding the extra charge.

This semester, student accounts has not received any complaints about the parking charge, Hallback said.

“I like it because for those who don’t want it, they don’t have to worry about it,” Genghis Tan, senior English and secondary education major, said. Tan has a car on campus.

“It’s a better process and we’re trying something different,” Hallback said.

Hallback also noted that the new procedure is easier for students and for student accounts to process.