Meet the members of the Student Finance Board

The Student Finance Board (SFB) is a student-run organization that distributes the Student Activity Fund (SAF). SAF is collected from the Student Activity Fee and is used to help fund clubs and organizations.

According to its Web site,, SFB consists of 17 undergraduates, including two student accountants, that make monetary decisions that are “consistent, objective and must be guided by the established regulations.” The primary beneficiaries of the SAF are current students from the College.

Clubs and organizations that seek SFB funding have liaisons and treasurers who inform the board about monetary decisions.

Aside from the accountants, every member of SFB is a voting member. During its meetings, SFB hears requests for funds from club representatives and votes whether to allocate money.

Organizations must be SFB-recognized to receive funding.

The SFB office is located in Campus Activities room 231 on the second floor of the Brower Student Center. The board meets in the Brower Student Center every Wednesday at 1 p.m.

SFB Executive Board Members:

Executive Director
Leonardo Acevedo

Operations Director
Mike Stolar

Administrative Director
Bill Fenimore

Financial Director
Kimberly Ings

Assistant Financial Director
Maya Wadya

Equipment Center Manager
James Gallagher