For tantalizing treats, run to Route 1

Sometimes, campus food simply is not enough to quell your hunger. Whether you’re starving for some Italian eats, craving Chinese or hankering for a hamburger, you can probably settle your stomach by stopping in at one of the numerous eateries scattered throughout Ewing and along Route 1.

Even though freshman don’t have cars, there are a couple of establishments well within walking distance of the College. If you’re looking for some old-style diner food, then stroll over to Olden Avenue and visit Eat at Pete’s. Once you get past the exterior 50s design, you’ll find a haven for greasy burgers, New York-style pizza, tantalizing fries and the sloppiest cheese steaks outside of Philadelphia.

While similar to the Rathskeller, Pete’s menu is more varied, though a bit more expensive.

If you’re a pizza fanatic then head over to Two Brothers Pizza, located on Pennington Road. Two Brothers is your best bet for a messy Sunday afternoon football party. They offer several specials, priced between $15 and $25, which include two pies with toppings of your choice, 30 wings and a 2-liter bottle of soda. They also deliver, so food for the next Giants, Jets or Eagles game is just a phone call away.

Route 1 offers a virtual smorgasbord of restaurants, so if your parents are coming down for a visit, or you can score a ride from an older friend, head into Lawrenceville for some exemplary ethnic eats.

Chinese fan? Look no further than PF Chang’s. With a fantastic ambience and alternative take on what most college students view as “Chinese food,” Chang’s allows for a great all-around experience without taking a large chunk out of your wallet. If you need help navigating the menu, the northern style spare ribs (beef ribs dipped in powdered cinnamon) and the crispy honey chicken are always good places to start.

If you find yourself homesick for slow-cooked pasta, Romano’s Macaroni Grill is also located on Route 1. This Italian venue serves up a multitude of pasta dishes in slow-cooked marinara, vodka and Alfredo sauces and allows you to invent your own pasta dish for a meager $8. If you’re a tex-mex fan, On The Border also sits along Route 1, offering quesadillas and bottomless bowls of nachos all day.