Zinn lecture funded second time around

The Student Finance Board (SFB) voted to fully fund a lecture sponsored by the Progressive Student Alliance (PSA), which received no funding at the last meeting.

The lecture is by Howard Zinn, historian, activist and author of “A People’s History of the United States,” on April 25. Previously, SFB members deemed the event too expensive and thought it might not draw enough people. That request was for $10,185.20. At the latest SFB meeting, PSA presented with new information, requesting $9,725.20.

Among the changes was that five classes are offering extra credit for students to attend. Also, PSA gathered nine new sponsors, including the Modern Languages Department and the Political Science Department. Finally, there was an increase in funds from departments at the College. The new funds total $600, according to the presentation.

“I think it’s worthwhile at this point because they have so much more muscle behind them this week,” Dan Beckelman, Student Government Association representative, said.

It was decided to fully fund the event, 9-2-3.

In a related presentation, All College Theatre (ACT) presented regarding a one-man performance of “Marx in Soho.” The play was written by Zinn and will be performed on tonight in the Don Evans Studio Theatre in Kendall Hall. According to the presentation, PSA approached ACT with the play to raise interest in Zinn’s lecture. ACT agreed since it has not done a one-man performance recently. ACT requested $350 for the performance and staff.

“This event can be very helpful for Howard Zinn,” Erica Klazmer, administrative director, said. “I think it’s a great idea and a good event.”

SFB voted to fully fund the event, 11-2-1.

Gospel Choir presented regarding its annual Extravaganza, which will include dance and other performances. It will be held on the Sundial Lawn on April 14 during an Open House. Extravaganza has never been held outside or for prospective students. Gospel Choir requested $2,200 for the outdoor sound system and generator.

“It’ll show students coming on campus that we’re active here,” Christina Hreha, senior representative, said.

“I think having a event for an Open House is a bad idea because (Student Activities Fund) events are by (College) students for (College) students,” representative at-Large Sean Marotta said.

Ultimately the event was deemed worthwhile after it was revealed that Admissions would pay for the staging, which would have been another $2,200. It was decided to fully fund, 9-5.

The National Association of Black Accountants and the National Society of Black Engineers presented on a professional seminar. The seminar would have alumni, current students, prospective students and faculty members discuss their experiences, particularly in the professional world. The request included dinner, decorations and gifts for the alumni and students enrolled in the organizations. The clubs requested $640.

SFB pointed out that it cannot fund gifts for students, though it can fund the speaker’s gift. The alumnus will probably be an engineer, Anjali Mone, junior representative, said.

SFB said the seminar would be helpful but the dinner is unnecessary. Also, this event seemed like a way for the clubs to celebrate themselves, Elizabeth Galetz, junior class representative, said.

SFB decided not to fund the event, 9-4.

The French Club gave a presentation about a trip to New York. The event, open to anyone on campus, is for students to visit either the Museum of Modern Art or Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. The students would dine at a French restaurant. The French Club requested $640.

Although the event was deemed a good one by SFB, neither SFB nor the French Club was sure of the exact costs.

“We don’t have all the information so we might as well give them a bit more,” Jon Borst, executive director, said. “This will give them a cushion and if it’s too much, we can wash it back.”

A motion was passed to give the French Club $607 for the bus as well as photocopies for publicity. The motion passed with 13 votes for and one abstaining.

PEANUTS, dedicated to providing the College with drug and alcohol-free activities, presented regarding a white-water rafting trip in Nesquehoning, Pa. The trip is a five-year-old PEANUTS tradition. Tickets will cost $15. PEANUTS requested $568.50 for the trip.

Transportation was an issue. Instead of a bus, PEANUTS will use carpools or College vans. However, SFB pointed out only College employees can drive state vehicles. This will be settled within PEANUTS.

Due to its past success SFB unanimously voted to fully fund it.