Executive President

Christine Cullen

Christine Cullen, current SGA executive president, will rely on a year’s worth of experience in office to both “standardize the current advocacy program” to ensure the longevity of SGA lobbying efforts and work toward the restoration of Senior Week.

“I am in a great position to negotiate with administrators as I have already developed good working relationships with them,” Cullen said.

Cullen said that throughout the academic year, she used her presidency “to spread awareness to the campus about the importance of being a good, aware campus citizen.” Cullen said this was done by collecting student feedback through Campus Outreach and The Pulse – the new electronic student forum.

Cullen also assisted in the facilitation of programs such as TCNJ Holiday, Diversity Week and Finals Fest.

Cullen is a member of the Residence Life staff. Earlier in the year, she worked as a Peer Advisor in the First Year Experience program for freshmen. She currently works as a Housing Assistant in the townhouses.

Cullen said her administration will consist of “an approachable, friendly group of students who understand that they are representing student interests.” Cullen added that her administration will re-evaluate the student advisement system, as well as look into the need for more “recreational space and opportunities.”

“People can also expect the trend of actual work being done when students raise concerns,” Cullen said.

Cullen continued, “I am the candidate that appreciates the value of getting as much student input and feedback as I can and using what I gain to drive the work that I do.”

Write-in candidate: Dan Beckelman

“I have been heavily involved in this year’s SGA, both in terms of creating initiatives and by being a voice of independence from our school’s administration,” Beckelman said. “I want to inspire SGA to become a more vocal and independent voice for the students.”

Beckelman, current vice president of Administration and Finance, was appointed to the internal position of lobbying chair last June. Beckelman created the resolution that established SGA as a lobbying body in September.

“I have met with NJ state legislators of both parties to discuss our budget situation,” Beckelman said. “This included several meetings over my winter vacation,” he added.

Beckelman has openly criticized the changes made to the College’s alcohol policy for Senior Week. “I have been, from day one, a vocal opponent of the idea,” Beckelman said. “(I) urged SGA to challenge the administration when this and other unpopular decisions were made by the school administration.”

Beckelman’s name will not be appearing on the ballot since he decided to run for the position after SGA interest sessions had ended. Beckelman will instead be running as a write-in candidate.

“I plan to campaign aggressively to give the students a choice and an opportunity for a new kind of leadership,” Beckelman said.

If elected, Beckelman plans to create a partnership between Ewing Township and the College to “attain better employment opportunities on and off campus for students.” Beckelman will also seek to “create a non-partisan forum for legislative candidates in the Fall 2007 elections.”

Beckelman added, “(My administration) will make student government something people are proud of again.”