Spring shuffle: Copelan, The Academy Is… booked

Mae, who was asked to perform with Copeland and The Academy is. in the College Union Board’s (CUB) upcoming spring concert, is no longer coming to the College.

According to Tara Conte, CUB director, Mae’s available dates did not coincide with CUB’s available dates and the dates available for The Academy Is. and Copeland. On the date of the concert, Monday, April 16, Mae is already playing another gig. At first, CUB looked into Mae, Ben Folds and Augustana individually.

Stephen Hunt, CUB event coordinator, is running the concert.

“CUB was disappointed that we couldn’t bring this band to campus,” Conte said. “April is a busy concert month and to coordinate a date with three different bands is difficult.”

Conte said the procedure for bringing a big act to campus includes brainstorming for acts and talking to a middle agent to find who is available and how much each act costs. Once an act has been chosen and CUB has reserved a venue, CUB goes to the Student Finance Board (SFB) for funding. If SFB grants the request, CUB can put it in a bid through the middle agent.

“Just because we are granted the money from SFB, this does not mean the artist is coming to the College,” Conte said. “The artist must accept the bid.”

“As was the case with Ben Folds earlier in the year, although we were granted the request from SFB, Folds did not accept the bid. In this case, we come up with other viable options and re-request funds from SFB. If the artist accepts the bid, then and only then will they be coming to the College,” Conte said.

According to Jon Borst, SFB director, SFB voted during Spring Break to approve the concert with The Academy Is., Copeland and Mae.

“I explained to the Board that any one of the groups may drop out because of scheduling issues, and that we would receive money back if that were to happen,” Borst said. “The Board unanimously funded the request.”

Conte said CUB will not be replacing Mae, but will be holding a battle of the bands on campus on Friday, April 6 in the Rathskeller at 5 p.m. The winning student band will open the show.

“We are really excited to be able to offer this once in a lifetime opportunity to students,” she said.

Conte said she does not think ticket sales will be affected by not bringing Mae.

“The Academy Is. and Copeland are two amazing, up-and-coming bands. In fact, The Academy Is. was recently named one of Rolling Stone’s Artists to Watch. Moreover, their new CD will be coming out April 3 and our show will be their only area performance,” she said. “Combined with Copeland and our very own student band, it’s going to be an incredible show in a way more intimate venue then you’d see anywhere else.”