Why wait? Procrastinate!

Each week, we’ll be profiling different ways to waste your time. They’ll range from videos and online games to physical activities and ways to decorate your room.

1. Watch Chris Bliss’ interpretive juggling routine at chrisbliss.com. It’ll make you want to learn how to juggle, if you don’t already know. Click on Video Press Kit and watch the Amazing Juggling Finale. Watch the rest, too, if you want to kill more time.

2. Play miniclip.com’s Anagrammatic. It consists of you and some random person playing against each other to find the longest word in a group of letters. It’s like Boggle but without the hourglass. Trust us, it’ll make you feel smart and it’s still fun.

3. Daydream. You do it anyway (kind of like masturbation). Spring Break is right around the corner; let your mind go on vacation a few days early.

Procrastinate some more and send your favorite time-wasters to signal@tcnj.edu.