No plans? No problem: Spring Break in the Tri-State

It is March 7. You have spent countless nights awake studying for midterms and papers. You now realize that Spring Break starts this weekend. You also realize as you reach into your pockets that you are broke. Oh, the possibilities!

Your friends are going to come back tan with a multitude of stories and pictures while you will tell of your nights in front of the television with your parents. Okay, this scenario does not have to happen. New Jersey is an ideal location for Spring Break activities! Don’t believe me? Let’s check it out.

New Jersey, as you all know, is located next to Pennsylvania and New York – and more importantly, Philadelphia, the

Poconos and New York City. This opens up endless possibilities of clubs, shows, art galleries, fine eateries, skiing, snowboarding, comedy clubs, camping trips, visits to national parks and road trips.

Yes, even with those empty pockets (okay, you will need some pocket change, but not thousands!), you can have stories to tell and moments to remember! Here are some places to create some special memories:

Broadway Shows

Student rush and standing room only tickets are amazing ways to see the shows you love without having to shell out the price you loathe. You can get these tickets on the day of the performance you want to see. To get these tickets you must go early to the box office, wait in line and, in some cases, be willing to stand during the show. Make sure you bring your student I.D. You can call theaters beforehand to find out if there is a designated time they sell the tickets or if they offer a lottery instead. Standing room only tickets are normally offered when a show is sold out and are only given out one per person. Visit for more information on money-saving Broadway deals.

Road Trips

Road trips are awesome. They are so awesome that movies have been devoted to them. Friends in very close proximity to each other, inside jokes, crazy stops – these just equal fun. There are a variety of places to go, but one trip I must highlight is to the ever-elusive Sonic. You turn on your television and colorful slushes call out to you. You must have this slush! After investigation, you realize that national television spots suck and Sonic is all the way in Virginia. But behold, brand new Sonics have been built! There are now locations that can be found in Pennsylvania and Delaware. I dare you to get yourself a toaster sandwich.


If you’re a brave soul who doesn’t mind the cold, New Jersey state parks have various sites at which to camp out. Bring some marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate and you’re all set. Also, don’t forget the tent. Check out for more details.


Mountain Creek in Vernon, N.J., is an ideal location for skiing, snowboarding and luaus. Luaus? Yes, this Spring Break presents the return of the Snowplow Luau and Pond Skimming. This all-day festival includes a Hawaiian barbecue, pig roast, fire and hula dancers, sword swallowers, face painters and a pond built into the snow where the brave try to skim across the surface. Festivities are concluded with a luau party! Check out for a mix of coupons to help make the trip cheaper.


Take the money that was not enough for a trip and turn it into a fabulous wardrobe! Spring Break offers a time when stores are putting great winter pieces on sale. I was able to score six shirts/sweaters, a necklace and earrings for $40 at Forever 21! Create options to finish out the cold season on a dime.

Dancing and Dinner

On March 10, check out Sounds of Brazil’s (SOB) Samba Saturday in New York City. Samba dancers and capoeristas bring the dazzle of Brazilian Carnaval. Showtimes are 8:30 p.m., 10:30 p.m. and midnight. Call (212) 243-4940 for information and reservations.

And for more fun: go to the Philadelphia flower show, extend your ski trip to the Poconos, use our national parks and check out and for fun stuff to do in our neighboring cities.

It’s never too early to start planning for next year. Take advantage of the many wonders of the Internet and construct your dream vacation. Whatever you do, enjoy Spring Break!