Mayer shows he’s still got it

Seven years into his career, recording artist John Mayer, 28, should know by now that he’s going to be held accountable for his actions.

Knocking the socks off his fans so often just isn’t polite.

Aside from his jaw-dropping guitar prowess, Mayer left the stage after about 45 minutes into last Wednesday’s Madison Square Garden performance, reappearing moments later on a small platform wheeled out in the middle of the floor-seating section. He again led fans on to believe that he had finished, only to come back out onto the main stage once more to continue his nightlong unique fusion of blues and light rock.

The illustrious Grammy winner then started to play what would be his final song, “Gravity” of 2006’s “Continuum,” when he decided to bust out the “big guns” and invite the vocal talents of fellow Grammy winner Alicia Keys on stage.

Perhaps the only bigger stunner of the evening was why Mayer decided to exclude one of his personal favorites and 2003 Grammy Song-of-the-Year Winner, “Daughters.”

Despite rumors that have been circulating about recent fling Jessica Simpson traveling with Mayer’s tour bus, she must have decided to take a back seat and let her man bring down the house.

Roars of over-gratified fans as Keys strutted on stage didn’t show any signs of disappointment.

Like his hair, his sound has since grown since the release of his first album Room for Squares (2001), which included hits “No Such Thing,” “Why Georgia” and “Your Body is a Wonderland,” all of which were performed last week. Much of the tour, like the performance, revolved around Mayer’s progressive blues guitar style, including seven tracks from 2006’s “Continuum.”

Mayer’s set also included “Clarity” and “Bigger Than My Body” from “Heavier Things,” released in September 2003, and “I Don’t Need No Doctor” and “Good Love is On The Way” from the John Mayer Trio’s album “Try!,” a compilation of the work of his blues side-project.

Fellow performer Mat Kearney opened the show, performing, among others, his recent hit “Nothing Left to Lose.”

Mayer’s tour, which started in August, ended with the concert, but upcoming dates are scheduled through this summer.