Live in Kendall: Ben Folds five years later

The Student Finance Board (SFB) voted to fully fund the upcoming College Union Board (CUB) Spring Concert featuring Ben Folds at last week’s meeting.

It was also announced that Leo Acevedo, currently a sophomore representative, will be executive director next year, as he is the only candidate.

The concert is scheduled for Wednesday April 11 at Kendall Hall and it is estimated that 600 students will attend at $15 per ticket. Ben Folds performed at the College in 2002. CUB requested a total of $42,080 for an opener, security and piano rental along with Ben Folds’ fee.

“If CUB is bringing Ben Folds, I’m sure it will get sold out,” representative at-Large Sean Marotta said.

The other members of SFB agreed and it was unanimously decided to fully fund the concert.

SFB’s approval means CUB can approach Folds to ask if he will play.

A presentation was made by the Asian American Association (AAA) regarding the Spring Multicultural Buffet. The event, held every semester, requires 10 or more tables with food available for $2 per student. Bubble tea, introduced at the last buffet, costs an additional $1. Though the original expense was predicted to be $1,157, AAA expects a total income of $500, so the total request for funding was $657.

Though concern was expressed over the lack of a specific breakdown of the cost for food, SFB decided unanimously to fully fund the event.

Circle K presented a conference request for students to attend the 43rd District Convention in Princeton. In the past, SFB allocated funding for five students to attend the convention at $50 each, but this year, Circle K is sending seven students, increasing its request to $350.

“There is no compelling reason to break away from (sending five students),” Omar Selim, operations director, said.

It was decided unanimously to fund $250.

Kokikai Aikido Club requested $440 for annual Winter Camp.

SFB requires that clubs contribute at least $100 per person for conferences but Kokikai Aikido Club only had $40 for each of the 11 students scheduled to attend. The club maintained that the Winter Camp is not a conference and the minimum requirement did not apply in this case, since it is a day trip and it requires no special transport.

Also, it was deemed by SFB that for any student who decides to attend that is not in the club, the Winter Camp will be more of a spectator event, not a conference.

SFB finally agreed to allocate $220, half of the requested amount, with a vote of 12-2-1.

SFB, which prior to the meeting had a total balance of $208,508.66, allocated a total of $43,207.