Hackett’s opinions are overly biased

The sad fact is that there is bias in all the news we consume. After all, in a large sense, this is why the media elites are so popular.

However, we all have the awesome ability to think for ourselves at some point. At least, we hope that this is the case.

Occasionally you will get that political “nutjob” who has been force-fed by Bill O’Reilly and taken his conservative rants to the extreme. Or maybe you encounter the Michael Moore junkie, obsessed with the already distorted facts and willing to take it a step further.

But as long as we’re not brainwashed too much by these outside forces, we have the ability to listen and consider. Respect, respect, respect because eventually it will lead to progress.

Signal writer Brian Hackett lacks respect for the other side.

For instance, we don’t have to make a broad generalization that the liberals are hypocritical.Hackett refers to “the liberals” like they’re a group of criminals that broke into his home and stole the family pet. Hackett likes to harp on the “fact” that Nancy Pelosi requested a massive airplane. Wrong!

According to Press Secretary Tony Snow, Pelosi was not even involved in the decision for her personal air travel: the House sergeant-at-arms and the Pentagon made the negotiations outside of both the White House and her office.

Besides, how would you like the first female Speaker of the House to travel? Hackett needs to be reminded that we are just another jagged pretzel or a hunting mishap away from Pelosi becoming the President of the United States.

In what seems like an attempt to make liberals look like terrorists, Hackett has previously noted the size of Pelosi’s airplane, making a comparison between the military aircraft and the passenger plane that went into the World Trade Center. It’s entirely irrelevant.

Let’s put things in some much needed perspective. There’s some hypocrisy in all of American politics.

While various leaders of the Democratic Party have been morally questionable in the past, let’s not casually gloss over the fact that GOP sex scandals continue to plague the news and damage the reputation of America’s “traditional” party.

Without accurate evidence, Hackett attacks Pelosi for spending taxpayers’ dollars. Speaking of big spenders, our president shares the same logic as a person who has hit our car and is now circling around to the other side to even out the damage.

Forget about impeaching Bush! Let’s just have him cook Pelosi’s steak in her first class compartment. However, this may be difficult for Bush. I’ve heard that she, like many at this point, prefers when things are well done.

Samantha Negraval