Why wait? Procrastinate!

Each week, we’ll be profiling five different ways to waste your time. They’ll range from videos and online games to physical activities and ways to decorate your room.

1. Check out ‘Ask a Ninja’ on YouTube. There are plenty of episodes to choose from. Faithful ninja-worshippers have asked the ninja questions like how to kill a ninja and what to get a ninja for a gift.

2. Play Arctic Quest on Yahoo! Games. The Snow King has unleashed a bitter frost on the tropical islands of the world, and it’s your job to solve some puzzles and break the spell. Use it as a chance to imagine your Spring Break destination animated and without all the nudity.

3. Make paper footballs and have your own Super Bowl. Perhaps you’re in football withdrawal. This is a good way to get the roommate or housemates involved. If you can gather a bunch of other bored/time-wasting friends, make it a tournament.

4. Call your grandparents. You know they miss you – you might as well put that cell phone to good use. Maybe you’ll get a care package out of it, all you have to do is try! It’s still more interesting than that economics homework.

5. Get out your camera and take stupid pictures for MySpace or Facebook. Forget about “sexy” poses or “emo” poses. “Goofy”

is the new hot. People will actually be pleasantly surprised to meet you in person rather than disappointed when you look nothing like that photo you took from 45 feet away in blurry sepia tones.

How do you procrastinate?

Waste some more time by e-mailing us at signal@tcnj.edu with your favorite ways to avoid being productive.