SFB elects two, funds Gospel Choir and orgasms

The Student Finance Board (SFB) elected two new members at its meeting.

Elizabeth Galetz, junior nursing major, and Sean Marotta, senior philosophy major, were elected to be junior class representative and representative at-Large, respectively.

Galetz, who ran unopposed, has previous experience in finance as treasurer for the Inter Greek Council (IGC). Her work with IGC gave her opportunities to interact with SFB on numerous funding issues.

“She’s very on top of things and would be a very good SFB committee member,” Omar Selim, operations director, said.

After being informed of her acceptance onto SFB, Galetz was allowed to sit in on the meeting.

Marotta, who ran against Lauren Serrano, freshman business major, has also had previous experience with SFB. Marotta covered SFB for The Signal and has “been following the SFB board for a long time.”

His familiarity and work with SFB means that he will not require training on policies, which he deemed was his greatest strength.

“Without a title, he is a part of SFB,” Steven Oliveira, financial director, said.

Marotta was elected with eight votes for and four against him.

The rest of the meeting went on with the usual business, including a presentation by Gospel Choir Ministries regarding its annual Spring Break tour. The tour, which would take 40 students to North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida, is used as a networking, service and donations program by the Ministries. $5,505 was requested, with each of the 40 students contributing about $100.

“I think that everything they’re doing is great and they’re already thinking about how to give back (to) the community,” Anjali Mone, junior representative, said.

The tour would allow the Ministries to collect donations for on-campus ministries and community service.

Due to the club’s demonstrated commitment with previous fundraising, SFB passed the motion to fund, allocating $50 for each student attending, with seven for and six against the motion.

A presentation by Voices of Planned Parenthood (Vox) requested $3,200. The presentation was about the upcoming event, I Love Female Orgasm, which is a part of Sex Week. Vox would be co-sponsoring the event with the National Organization for Women chapter at the College and five other on-campus groups.

Though the group originally requested $3,200, it received a $500 grant from the NCAA speakers grant program. The final request was $2,700. The one concern raised at the meeting was the location of the event.

“I would want to see it in either Kendall Hall or the Music Building,” Erica Klazmer, administrative director, said.

Vox representatives said it should not be a problem to have the event in Kendall Hall.

The motion to fully fund was passed 10-2.

The Black Student Union made a presentation regarding the upcoming jazz concert, which is a part of Black History Month.

The presentation was about the additional funds needed for booking the Music Building. The Music Building requires staffing and sound reinforcement.

It was unanimously approved that the request of $1,204 be fully funded.

The College Republican’s request of $250 for the upcoming Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C. was also fully funded.

The conference will be attended by five students and has had previous success with the College Republicans. The motion to fully fund was passed 10-0-2.

SFB, which prior to the meeting had a total balance of $110,474.22, allocated a total of about $9,659.00.