College policies bound to ‘grind gears’

You know what grinds my gears? Not being able to have access to important information on campus.

They should enforce the rule stating that all posters containing information about events already passed should be taken down within a week after said event’s conclusion.

This kind of cleanup only seems to occur when people travel to their respective homes for a “break.” I hardly know what’s going on anymore.

Also, the College doesn’t seem to inform you on what charges you may have. Just the other day, I happened upon my TESS account, finding I owed the school $10,000 in fees I swore I paid off way before the billing statements were due.

Meanwhile, no e-mails were sent to my account to inform me of my seemingly “neglectful” behavior. Shouldn’t I be told whether or not the school is in need of my financial aid?

And then the end of the semester will roll around and I’ll be wondering why I’m getting kicked off campus.

I have heard several students around campus making inquiries about such things as sending out packages and reserving rooms to hold a meeting or practice.

Unfortunately, these students do not find out how to go about doing what they need to do from the College Web site and are not further assisted by those who are supposed to know everything about campus.

Are we all to go to the information desk in Brower Student Center for every single campus question we have? Even the information desk is not always open for information-seeking individuals. So what else is available?

I like that we are encouraged to be independent, responsible and mature young adults. We live in dorms not quite set to proper temperatures to combat the weather of our outdoor surrounding environment.

We make decisions as to what food to select for a dinner we did not cook. We decide what time to exit the building when we hear the fire alarm.

Yet when it comes to utilizing campus resources properly, shouldn’t the College be on our side?

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what grinds my gears.