Why wait? Procrastinate!

Each week, we’ll be profiling five different ways to waste your time. They’ll range from videos and online games to physical activities and ways to decorate your room.

1. Meet the newest fashion guru, William Sledd, on YouTube.

“Ask a Gay Man” your fashion questions or just watch this Kentuckian’s musings on style, baking and hair. Sledd, a Gap employee, actually offers funny and good-natured commentary. Plus, his closet is the epitome of obsessive-compulsive disorder.

2. Play Law & Order: Criminal Intent 2 Dark Obsession on Yahoo! Games. If you’re already addicted to Law & Order, you might as well stretch the obsession as far as you can. Play the free trial and solve a murder with psychological tricks and your puzzle-solving skills.

3. Check out Bloc Party’s video “Helicopter.” Either download it on their MySpace page or search for it on YouTube. (It’s the one with the poppies.) It feels like an acid trip without the nasty drug habit side-effects. The video features lizards with pig heads and an exploding bug that flies the band over a field of poppies on chains.

4. Make belated Valentine’s Day cards for your friends. They don’t have to be cute or romantic; they’re even more fun if they’re stupid and funny. Put up anonymous hearts and other cheesy things on your friend’s dorm room doors or send them candy-grams.

5. Borrow a movie from the New Library. Get there before 9 p.m. because that’s when the Media Center closes (4 p.m. Friday and 5 p.m. Saturday). Take a movie out for the night, but don’t get lazy and forget to return it the next day. You can even browse the catalog on the library’s Web site.

How do you procrastinate?

Waste some more time by e-mailing us at signal@tcnj.edu with your favorite ways to avoid being productive.