SGA poll to grace College web site

Plans for a new online student feedback forum were discussed at the Feb. 7 meeting of the Student Government Association (SGA). The forum will be placed on the College’s Web site and will be used to facilitate SGA accessibility.

A general design for the forum was introduced by Chris Rindosh, vice president of Student Services. Rindosh said the forum will be interactive and will allow students to post questions and concerns to SGA. SGA will utilize the forum to inform the student body of recent activities and endeavors.

Rindosh also added that SGA will use the forum to present survey questions online to the student body. Feedback regarding specific issues at the College will be examined by administrators as well.

Rindosh also discussed the outcome of a recent meeting with Chris Chamberlin, director of Operational Services, regarding progress made to ensure the cleanliness of residence halls upon move-in.

SGA passed Rindosh’s Resolution Regarding Residence Hall Cleanliness Upon Move-In on Nov. 15. The resolution cited a survey of freshmen. Data from the survey indicated that freshmen were dissatisfied with the soiled state of their rooms upon arrival at the College.

Rindosh said that at their meeting, Chamberlin said Building Services will now have an additional week to clean dormitories prior to student move-in.

Dan Beckelman, newly appointed vice president of Administration and Finance, discussed the outcome of two lobbying sessions on Jan. 29 with state legislators. The first meeting was held with Assemblyman Patrick Diegnan, a Democrat from South Plainfield. The second meeting was with Assemblywoman Valerie Huttle, a Democrat from Englewood.

Beckelman said that both Diegnan and Huttle were sympathetic to the needs of students. Huttle, mother of a college-bound daughter, said she was concerned about the rising cost of tuition.

Diegnan discussed plans for a formula which would allocate a specific amount of money from the state budget for higher education. Presently, state colleges and universities receive whatever funds are leftover in the budget after funding for all other budgetary items is determined.

Beckelman was officially appointed to the position of vice president of Administration and Finance as a replacement for the former vice president, Michael Levy. Levy cited personal problems in addition to academic concerns as his primary reasons for stepping down.

Beckelman said he is looking into more fundraising opportunities for SGA, including working the concession stand at Sovereign Bank Arena, as well as gathering donations from SGA alumni.

Steven Link, vice president of Academic Affairs, and Sheil Naik, newly appointed senator at-Large, discussed plans for improving the professor ratings and grades database, ProfRecord. Navigation difficulties will be addressed by creating an interface for ProfRecord that is similar to all college Web sites. Naik said that he would like to see data regarding grade distributions presented in either a graph or histogram format to make the information easier to understand.

Meagan Terry, dining services liaison, discussed policy in the Travers/Wolfe dining hall. It had been brought to Terry’s attention that the grill had been closing down a half-hour before midnight, the dining hall’s scheduled closing time. Terry said that employees are supposed to provide food from the grill until midnight. Should an employee fail to do so, Terry said that students should record the name of the employee and contact Dining Services at