Saving the environment one recyclable at a time

In a meeting with Environmental Programs Specialist Amanda Radosti, Water Watch questioned the College’s paper recycling efforts.

Members of Water Watch, an environmental group on campus, asked Radosti and Brian Webb, manager of Risk, Occupational Safety and Environmental Services, whether paper recycling on campus is as environmentally friendly as it could be.

“I still don’t know where recycling is,” Dave Weinstein, a member of Water Watch, said.

Weinstein said that to recycle paper, he usually takes it to the library. “Just about everyone isn’t going to hold on to their paper and bring it to the library,” he said.

Weinstein suggested that the College increase the efficiency of its recycling program to save money.

According to Radosti, the College spends just under $300,000 annually on trash removal.

Valentina Cordero, another member of Water Watch, said that part of the difficulty with recycling on campus could stem from the many different colors of bags used.

Clear bags are meant for recyclables, Cordero said. Because the College no longer provides bags to certain dorms, students tend to use any bag they have rather than buying clear bags.

Valentina asked if Community Advisors (CAs) could enforce the use of clear bags for recycling.

Webb said that his department only has the power to present CAs with information on the recycling situation “so they’re aware of the proper procedures.”

Webb said his department is “in conversation now” with the office of Residence Life to add recycling training to the CA summer training schedule.

Water Watch members proposed, along with better informing CAs, that signs be posted explaining proper recycling procedures and that every recycling container be labeled clearly with a sticker.

Webb and Radosti both agreed that they would investigate ways to produce signs for dorms that could explain recycling procedures visually for residents.