Lovesick? Or just plain nauseous?

Attached? <3 1. The Notebook - There's a reason 229 girls joined the group "I wanna be kissed like this..." 2. Love Actually - Brits just do romance better. Plus, you can ogle Keira Knightly and Rodrigo Santoro. 3. A Peanut's Valentine - It has actual Valentines inside, and who can resist Charlie Brown? 4. Love is a Mix Tape - Rob Sheffield from Rolling Stone chronicles the love and loss of his wife -- one song at a time. 5. - Ask Valentino all of your pressing love questions. 6. - Forgot to get your sweetie a Valentine? Just use this handy form letter; it's like Mad Libs but even easier. Pick up some candy from the C-store to go with it and you're golden. Single?