Democratic bill abandoning holidays in un-American

Gee, what a shock, the Democrats are largely responsible for another blunder: trying to push forth a bill that would eliminate a 1967 mandate requiring all schools to teach specific American holidays.

New Jersey State Senator John Adler (D) was the primary sponsor of this anti-American legislation. This infamous bill called on abandoning education about several holidays including Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Lincoln and Washington’s birthdays (Presidents Day), Columbus Day, Thanksgiving, Arbor Day and Commodore Barry Day, which honors Revolutionary War hero John Barry.

Thankfully, Governor Jon S. Corzine decided to side with logic and conditionally veto this abomination. Speaking on behalf of many conservatives, this marks one of his only executive decisions we agree on. Raising the sales tax, his contemplation on privatizing the Turnpike, and his semi-formal endorsement of Hillary “Rotten” Clinton (if I may mimic Mark Levin) for president in 2008 certainly do not give Republicans much to moot. Nonetheless, I’ll give this Democrat his credit.

Corzine, while on NJ 101.5 radio, was quoted as saying that vetoing this bill was a must when “our men and women are putting their lives in harm’s way.” A veteran himself, Corzine has echoed the calls of many other New Jersey veterans, not to mention those nationwide. His main objection came from Memorial and Veterans Day.

The same cannot be said about Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson, who is a former teacher. Yes, he does support the New Jersey school systems teaching certain holidays, but Memorial Day, Veterans Day and Thanksgiving are not the most vital to restore. To Levinson, Arbor Day is clearly key, citing “the importance of trees in a county and state with such massive development.”

How could we as a state forget to acknowledge the Sierra Club’s fondest day? This is truly a horror. Nevermind honoring our war veterans or learning about our roots as a nation; we have to start planting some trees, and fast!

All jesting aside, I think it is safe to say that not too many people celebrate Arbor Day, and Levinson’s priority exemplifies the illegitimate priorities many liberals have. The day serves to remind everyone of Mother Nature, but out of all the holidays the bill sought to un-mandate (even the relatively unknown Commodore Barry Day), I believe Arbor Day causes the least alarm. I mean, come on.

If Corzine signed this bill into law, it would have worked to the detriment of the state, as well as the United States. When our country no longer remembers those that fought, and continue to fight, America will gradually lose the spirit that has enabled this nation to prosper better than any other in existence.

When our children are not taught the perilous adventures of our past, our victorious forefathers, and our rich history built on the backs of noble and honorable Americans in uniform, they will not have an appreciation for how we became the greatest country in the world, and therefore lack the tenacity to extend the American legacy.

Corzine was certainly accurate in saying that “(legislators) sometimes trample on fundamental principles and concerns,” especially in a state where roughly 200 veterans die each month.

After widespread public indignation, several New Jersey politicians backtracked their vote on this ephemeral bill. Assemblywoman Shelia Oliver (D) said that in this day and age, with the war in Iraq, “I think it places the future leadership of this country at a disadvantage.” If that is the case, Ms. Oliver, you would not have voted in favor of the bill! Yet again, liberal hypocrisy shines vibrantly.

Republicans, however, should not get off easy. This bill passed both the Assembly and Senate unanimously, without anyone even questioning it. A true conservative would not have allowed such garbage to see the light of day. This was a major Republican letdown, and I sincerely hope the negative feedback lets the Republicans know they are in the State House to uphold conservative principles.

According to the legislators, the goal of this bill was to allow more schools flexibility and permit the state education standards to drive education. The bill left the issue open to individual schools on whether or not to teach about the holidays.

Maybe to the untrained eye this bill seems acceptable; however, with many of today’s liberalized school agendas, this is not the case. With teachers and administrators increasingly thwarting education to fit a liberal bias, I, for one, cannot rest assured.

This was a part of a larger bill set to get rid of expensive school mandates in an effort to reduce statewide property taxes. So, they are trying to minimize expenditures to relieve the common tax payer. If they want to save money, most notably the Democrat majority, New Jersey representatives should control their unethical behavior, resist and limit various social spending, and commit to solving the insane makeup of New Jersey’s 566 municipalities, just to name a few – not focusing their attention on holidays that honor and contribute to the success of our state and country!

Thankfully, New Jersey did not just become that much more liberal. In a country that was built on the blood and sweat of its soldiers, especially during this age of global terrorism, leaving our most cherished national holidays in the distant past is not right for the American psyche.

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